June 1, 2023

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Noteworthy Issues: Moon Knight #3 (September, 2021)

Moon Knight meets the other Fist of Khonshu.

I never really considered myself a Moon Knight fan.  But I will say, this series has been a fair bit of fun as it establishes a Moon Knight who isn’t really doing Khonshu’s bidding because Khonshu is, well, indisposed.

But there’s been this other guy waiting in the wings, and he finally opts to strike in this issue.

Issue:  Moon Knight #3, September 2021

Writer:  Jed Mackay

Artist:  Alessandro Cappuccio

The Plot:  Moon Knight meets the Hunter’s Moon!

Commentary:  I’ll say this for this series:  they didn’t waste time with Hunter’s Moon.  The first issue introduced Dr. Badr, a fellow who looked like he was capable of defending himself, and on the last page, he referred to himself as Khonshu’s other fist.  As that issue pointed out, and asBadr reminds Moon Knight in this issue, if Khonshu has two hands like most humans, then he can have a second fist, and while Marc Spector has been trying to be, so to speak, a more humane and modern sort of Fist of Khonshu, one who protects all who travel by night no matter who they are, Hunter’s Moon is old school, and once he’s beaten some sense into Marc, he’s going to go back and punish those fledgling vampires Marc has been protecting, the ones who didn’t ask to be vampires and are still trying to be decent people.

Essentially, motive counts for Marc Spector, but not for Dr. Badr.

As it is, Badr doesn’t want Marc dead, just corrected, and there are a few things Hunter’s Moon, in his more black-colored costume to stand out against Marc’s white one.

Bottom line is Mackey is still setting up this series.  Hunter’s Moon is not the Big Bad behind whatever’s going on, and he may be someone who will either become a worse adversary or someone who will learn to be a better ally.  That’s an exciting prospect for me.

I only wish these issues didn’t feel so short.

Grade:  B+

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