March 2, 2024

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Wednesday “Woe Is The Loneliest Number”

Season One, Episode Two

Wednesday Addams witnessed a murder. This is a young woman who likes morbid things, but not when they are this unexpectedly unpleasant.

I can see why Wednesday is getting drawn into this mystery. She doesn’t seem like a natural crime-solver. If anything, she might cause a few, but the key to remember about the Addams Family as a whole is they aren’t really evil. They just like morbid things.

Speaking of things people like, Wednesday spends a decent portion of this episode in a pair of cat years. Combine that with her Goth-y attire and braids, and there’s a part of me that wonders which of the producers has a fetish for that sort of thing.

But why would Wednesday care? There is a feeling that she wants everyone to think she’s right all the time and the best, but she denies that. It might be better to assume she only wants people who think they are better than her to know otherwise. She doesn’t like snobs or bullies. OK,this Wednesday would claim she doesn’t like anybody, but she in particular doesn’t care for snobs or bullies. Or being compared to her mother. Guess who she inherited her psychic powers from?

Regardless, this show is doing a good job of showing why Wednesday might want to look into things. There’s a secret library with a book predicting she might cause the end of Nevermore Academy. That won’t do.

The local sheriff (and father to what looks like her most likely love interest) thinks her father murdered someone but got away with it, and that doesn’t sit well with Wednesday, especially when they can’t find the dead student’s corpse.

But then that kid turns up again, only it’s the shapeshifting Principal Weems. That was done to ditch Thing.

And popular girl Bianca wants to show she’s better than Wednesday. All Wednesday wants is to prove she’s better than Bianca. That can be handled at the annual Edgar Allen Poe canoe race that Bianca and the other sirens usually win. Cheating is permissible, and sirens are good in water. Wednesday, with strong assists from Thing and Enid, is just better at cheating.

Overall, I dig the vibe here. This episode shows Wednesday trying to find an extracurricular activity, and trying out for choir isn’t good when she can only hit notes only dogs can hear, but there’s always beekeeping.

Beekeeping does feel about right. I guess I will see how her discovery of a secret club’s secret headquarters her parents once belonged to goes. She only had to snap her fingers twice to get in…