May 27, 2024

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Paper Girls “A New Period”

Episode Five

OK, question:  is this show supposed to be a comedy?  I mean, the actors I recognize are people I know for their comedy work.  Then again, this show might also be here to promise things and then disappoint me.

For example, I got a giant robot two episodes ago.  Then there was a whole episode where it didn’t do a dang thing until it got up and ran into a time portal.  Yes, I did get a giant robot fight sequence in this episode, one that ended with Adult Erin dying because it turns out the Old Watch’s robot is a bit better and she has to hit her robot’s self-destruct.

Man, young Erin got to watch her older self die.  That’s…kinda messed up, but that Old Watch robot went out of its way to blow up a rat.  That’s just overkill.

But then there’s this other thing:  the previous episode brought out the Old Watch leader Grand Father, and hey, it’s Jason Mantzoukas.  That guy is consistently awesome.  Does he do anything really good or funny here?  Nope!  Not in the slightest.  He has an argument with the Prioress about how they have to follow rules and all, but for the life of me, if that scene was intended to be funny, it sure didn’t come across that way.

If anything, it might have been intended to be that way, but there was more comedy later when Erin gets her period for the first time, and since the girls have no money, Mac has to try and steal some pads from a convenience store, but then none of the girls know how to use a tampon.  I don’t either, of course, but that did seem to be a scene intended to be funny.

However, this is a time travel show, they’re in the 90s, and that means a trip to KJ’s house since her parents should be out of town.

Didn’t the Prioress kill them back in 1988?  They sure look OK here.  They’re having a party and everything, but this is one inattentive party since Tiff can find a private room to try and decode Larry’s log book, Mac and Erin can steal all the cash out of whatever handbags people set aside for safekeeping, and KJ can learn she’s gay when she sees her older self making out with another woman.

Hey, at least the (now) old dog recognized her.  That was a sweet moment, honestly.

Regardless, that was also one inattentive party.  Four girls who look kinda grimy just walk in and start swiping stuff.  KJ is in a foul mood since I guess she didn’t know she was gay.  Mac and Erin actually bond a bit.  And Tiff realizes no one listens to her.

As for me, I’m kinda vaguely disappointed with this show right now.