July 16, 2024

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Going Through The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Part Sixteen

Jimmy and Tom talk more Avengers with the episodes "Who Do You Trust?" and "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill".

Hey, what’s this?  More Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes chat transcripts?

For this one, Jimmy and I cover “Who Do You Trust?” and “The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill”.  Who doesn’t love that sort of stuff?

“Who Do You Trust?”

Nick Fury returns, and his news will hit the Avengers hard!

jimmy:  Mockingbird eh?  I knew it was her. Even when it was Mockingbird, I knew it was her.

tomk:  See, they need you there.

jimmy:  I’m good at spotting shape shifters apparently.

tomk:  Yeah. And how did that one that replaced Jenny get past you?

jimmy:  I let that happen. Skrulls are well known to hate donuts.

tomk:  I would have thought you caught on when she had a full beard and Watson’s voice.

jimmy:  Oh, I knew before that. Unlike Mockingbird, who I really never saw coming.

tomk:  So you didn’t know it was her all along?

jimmy:  No. Did you?

tomk:  Well, it stands to reason someone infiltrated Fury’s group.

jimmy:  So, was she a Skrull when she took down Madame Viper Skrull?

tomk:  Wouldn’t you like to know?

jimmy:  I would.  Also, can Skrulls inherently tell other Skrulls, even when disguised?  I might have asked that before.

tomk:  You might have, but I don’t recall.  I would think they do or else they are going to have some really big problems down the road.

jimmy:  They sure are playing the long game well.

tomk:  It’s what they do.

jimmy:  Apparently.

tomk:  And the Avengers aren’t ready for it. They went from pizza to punching in under twenty minutes.

jimmy:  And the Hulk didn’t get any!

tomk:  He had monitor duty.

jimmy:  And Tony never paid for what they ate!

tomk:  Quake did.

jimmy:  Ok. Phew!

tomk:  And then Fury ate it.

jimmy:  Hiding behind hay bales makes you hungry.

tomk:  It’s hard to get food when you think there might be a Skrull spy behind every corner.

jimmy:  Even delivery?

tomk:  Would you trust that delivery guy?

jimmy:  Derrick?  Shouldn’t I?

tomk:  You’re not Nick Fury.

jimmy:  I’m not?  Phew!

tomk:  Did you think you were?

jimmy:  No. But it’s good to get confirmation.

tomk:  You need me to tell you that?

jimmy:  No. But with all these shapeshifters floating around, you never know.

tomk:  You don’t know about yourself?  How do you know I’m me?

jimmy:  I don’t.

tomk:  I am me, Jimmy. Skrulls don’t replace folks like me.

jimmy:  That’s exactly what a Skrull would say.

tomk:  Would a Skrull say they think of Watson like a brother? Because I sure don’t.

jimmy:  Tom!  It is you!

tomk:  Like I said. Have a cookie before Korvac gets back.

jimmy:  At least Korvac seems to be a problem that can be solved with brute force.  How do you beat an enemy when you don’t know who they are at any given time?

tomk:  You grill them on questions only they would know, and if they’re wrong, knock ‘em out.

jimmy:  Sounds like an exciting episode.

tomk:  Maybe have a guy with a sword on hand to behead some baddies while you’re at it.

jimmy:  Better.

tomk:  And no Garbage Day (in the Avengers chat).

jimmy:  Phew!

tomk:  Anyone putting Garbage Day in Avengers chat is probably a Skrull.

jimmy:  I’ll remember that.  Mockingbird probably put Garbage Day in the #trustnoone Slack that Nick Fury had going, but he didn’t know the signs.  And Quake thought it was an X-Files rewatch chat.

tomk:  Fury maybe should open up a little more, but he has good reason not to.

jimmy:  More than he knows.

tomk:  And here Hawkeye thought Black Widow was the problem…

jimmy:  She’s not not a problem.

tomk:  You think everyone with a spider themed name that the Inheritors don’t want to make a meal out of are a problem.

jimmy:  Hey, if the webbed shoe fits…

tomk:  Who webbed up the shoes?

jimmy:  One of those dirty Skrulls I’m betting!  Wasn’t Spider-Woman one of the most prominent Skrulls in the comic version?

tomk:  She was the queen. Like Mockingbird here.

jimmy:  There you go.

tomk:  So Mockingbird is Spider-Woman?

jimmy:  They’re Skrulls, they can be anyone.

tomk:  So become nobodies and just hide until the Kree show up and then ambush those blue jerks.

jimmy:  Instead of posing as heroes and causing havoc?

tomk:  But if they stop a Kree invasion, people will think they are heroes.

jimmy:  God forbid.

tomk:  You mean some bad guy stops an alien invasion and people think he’s a hero when he’s really some green lunatic who would probably attack Asgard given the chance?  That seems unlikely.

jimmy:  You’re right.

tomk:  I like being right.

jimmy:  You get to say “I told you so” like Hawkeye will to everyone when this is over.

tomk:  But he stayed with the Skrull.

jimmy:  Not to his knowledge.

tomk:  So he can’t really say he told anyone so.

jimmy:  They all pegged him as one and they were wrong.

…that we know of.

tomk:  We all know what Watson says about pegging.

jimmy:  Unfortunately.

tomk:  Now, if you were there, you could have pointed out some shadows or something.

jimmy:  Right?  But Tony won’t let me back in the mansion.

tomk:  Didn’t you call him a wannabe Bruce Wayne?

jimmy:  And that was only after the 1st drink.

tomk:  You said worse after the second.

jimmy:  And the ninth.

tomk:  I was surprised you were still standing by that point.

jimmy:  Maybe I am a Skrull after all…

tomk:  Skrulls revert back to their normal form when they pass out drunk.

jimmy:  Or are killed by their Queen.

tomk:  Only one thing to do then.

jimmy:  Surely you can’t be serious?

tomk:  I’m deadly serious.  And don’t call me Shirley since that’s a reference to a different movie.

jimmy:  It was a stretch but I didn’t have a Naked Gun joke.

tomk:  Nothing to see here, then.

jimmy:  Haha

tomk:  That’s why you’re part of a dying breed, Jimmy.  Like people that can name all fifty (American) states.

jimmy:  I know I can’t. Neither can Mockingbird.

tomk:  But you know who can?  The garbage man can.

jimmy:  Oh the Garbage Man can.

tomk:  Yes. The Garbage Man can.

jimmy:  You’ve watched these before tight?

tomk:  Oh yeah.

jimmy:  So you know who is and isn’t a Skrull.

tomk:  Well, you and me for starters. There actually may not be that many.

jimmy:  You only need a couple. It’s all about sowing the seeds of mistrust.

tomk:  It worked, didn’t it?

jimmy:  It certainly seems to be.

tomk:  And who better to sow distrust than the most trusted of Avengers?

jimmy:  Cap especially.

tomk:  I didn’t mean the Beaver.

jimmy:  He’s not to be trusted.

tomk:  Obviously.

jimmy:  So, more Skrull-y goodness next time out?

tomk:  Well, no. There’s an Avenger we have to check in with first.

jimmy:  Stingray?

tomk:  Um, no. Thor. And he makes a new friend.

jimmy:  It’s good to have friends.

tomk:  And this time, the guest star won’t be a surprise because his name is in the episode title.

jimmy:  And that title is…

“The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill”

Thor encounters a worthy alien.

jimmy:  Beta Ray Bill’s origin; him picking up Mjolnir; the creation of Stormbreaker…they really packed a lot into this one.

tomk:  And they advanced the Surtur plot line.

jimmy:  And the Enchantress.

tomk:  But who doesn’t love a horse-faced alien?

jimmy:  Equinophobiacs?

tomk:  Yeah. Those guys.

But yes, Beta Ray Bill’s entire origin jammed into one episode. Almost like how they did the exact same thing with the Korvac Saga.

jimmy:  Similar, yes.  But much more satisfying.

tomk:  I see you’re not an equinophobic.

jimmy:  I like horses and horse faced aliens.

tomk:  Then why do you hang out with the Moose?

jimmy:  Horses are expensive. Moose are free.

tomk:  That’s some country you’ve got there.

jimmy:  Do you have to pay for moose in the US?

tomk:  Probably.

jimmy:  Probably why you don’t see many in New York.

tomk:  Or Arizona.

jimmy:  That’s more of a vacation spot. The dry heat is good for their joints.

tomk:  I wouldn’t know. This is America. Nothing is free if someone can charge you for it.

jimmy:  Speech?

tomk:  That causes arguments. Not everything that costs you costs you money.

jimmy:  So back on topic, I don’t really know much about Beta Ray Bill besides him lifting Mojlnir, the creation of Stormbreaker and him having a horse face.

tomk:  That’s about it actually. He was protecting his people, got into a fight with Thor, and proved worthy.  Oh, and Sif may have fallen in love with him.

jimmy:  In the comics too?

tomk:  Yes.

jimmy:  Interesting.

tomk:  Sif probably had a huge My Little Pony collection as a young goddess.

jimmy:  Because, as we all know, My Little Pony has been around for thousands of years.

tomk:  Obviously in Sif’s case, these we’re actually small ponies.

The rich and the divine live differently.

jimmy:  Indeed.

tomk:  For example, they carry more ancient weapons.

jimmy:  “more ancient” as in count or age?

tomk:  Both.

jimmy:  That’s what I figured.

tomk:  Exactly. Have this enchanted sword. It sings.

jimmy:  I don’t think that’s going to be very useful against Surtur.

tomk:  It turns into a sexy young woman if you know the right magic word.

jimmy:  You’ve convinced me to give it another chance!

tomk:  She then often serves cold beer and baked goods straight from the oven.

jimmy:  You already sold me.

tomk:  She also knows kung fu.

jimmy:  Like Keanu?

tomk:  Well, maybe like Michelle Yeoh.

jimmy:  Nice.


tomk:  But then she bravely runs away when Surtur shows up.

jimmy:  As long as it’s done bravely.

tomk:  Someone has to call the fire department.

jimmy:  Does Asgard have a fire department?

tomk:  If they don’t, they better get one fast.

jimmy:  It’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight.

tomk:  Sif opened that Valkyrie Bikini Car Wash?

jimmy:  I hope so.

tomk:  You have a car in Asgard?


Damn. That’s not a good business model. Maybe a Bikini Goat Wash would be better.

tomk:  Ever smelled a soggy goat?

jimmy:  Soggy?  No.

tomk:  It’s worse than a wet moose.

jimmy:  That’s unpossible.

tomk:  Says the man who has never smelled a soggy goat.

jimmy:  Have you?

tomk:  Many times. Mostly when the Moose and the Beaver encouraged me to go with them to Noah’s Ark day at the petting zoo.

jimmy:  I’ve done yoga with goats, does that count?

tomk:  Not if they’re dry.

jimmy:  Dang.  They weren’t screaming or able to fly either.

tomk:  You had, like, normal goats who aren’t good for fighting fire demons.

jimmy:  They’re much easier to find.

tomk:  Fire demons?

jimmy:  No, normal goats.

tomk:  They have creepy eyes.

jimmy:  This is probably the most an Avengers blog has ever talked about goats.

tomk:  Well, you know, Thor has been dealing with things. He misses his friends and has no idea how quiet and peaceful everything has been back on Midgard.

jimmy:  Is that sarcasm?

tomk:  Well, Thor has no way of knowing.

jimmy:  Thor don’t text.

tomk:  He doesn’t ask Heimdall either.

jimmy:  They were on a break.

tomk:  From Heimdall?

jimmy:  You got a better reason?

tomk:  Well, maybe if he got Heimdall some flowers, took him out to a nice dinner, let him know he’s not taken for granted.

jimmy:  I think that would work.

tomk:  Well, Jimmy, it’s good to know Thor found an ally to take care of the Surtur storyline that will never be finished.

jimmy:  You never know. Shows never seem to die in this day and age.

tomk:  Well, I will put a kettle on while I wait.

jimmy:  Or we’ll just have to be satisfied with the Ragnarok ending which, ah, saw the destruction of Asgard.

tomk:  Or we could check in on the four remaining Avengers.

jimmy:  I misread that as “four remaining episodes” and thought that was extremely fast.

tomk:  Nah.

jimmy:  The rest of them are probably Skrulls now anyway.

tomk:  Well, one of them is.

jimmy:  Uh-oh.

tomk:  You already knew that.

jimmy:  I thought you meant besides Cap.

tomk:  Nah. He causes enough trouble. And without Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Black Panther, Hank Pym, or Thor to hang around, there are a lot less Avengers to fool.

jimmy:  And nobody fools Stingray.

tomk:  That goes without saying. But man, if we got another Thor here, could we get another version of an existing Avenger next?

jimmy:  Another Hawkeye?

tomk:  Sadly, no Kate Bishop.

jimmy:  We met Ant-Man 2 and Rhodey.  I doubt Shuri shows up or any or the numerous Ms. Marvel’s.  So, I think that’s it.  No other versions of Avengers exist.

tomk:  Oh there’s one. He’s not very nice.

I didn’t say he was a good guy.

jimmy:  Does he make the Avengers see red?

tomk:  He does. And it’s not USAgent after a trip to the ketchup festival.

jimmy:  USAgent!  Right.  Good call.  Ketchup Festival, lol.

tomk:  Ready for some rage?


tomk:  Then grab your spare pants because there’s a new Hulk in town.

NEXT:  Tom and Jimmy will be back soon with more Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with their thoughts for the episodes “Nightmare in Red” and “Prisoner of War”.