May 27, 2024

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Paper Girls “Blue Tongues Don’t Lie”

Episode Three

Once again, I got an episode that felt like an improvement on the one before it.  Not necessarily enough to really hold my interest were I not covering it for Gabbing Geek, but here I am.

Wait, no one asked me to do this…

So, here’s a plotline I remember well from the comics that, honestly, I think has turned out pretty well:  Mac learns she dies when she’s 16, and her brother became a doctor as a result.  For what it’s worth, she seems to be taking that pretty well here, and she’s lucky her brother actually decided to believe she really is alive again.  OK, she looks younger than she did when she died, and much of the evidence comes when her brother Dylan realized she was still carrying his Walkman.

Those moments are arguably the episode’s best.  Mac and Dylan bond over music, and then they tell a series of lies to Dylan’s wife to explain how Mac is some unmentioned cousin come to visit.  There’s a nice camaraderie between the two characters, one that suggests they are siblings despite the obvious age gap.  Dylan lets Mac know about what happened while she was gone, and Mac seems to be making herself at home.

Meanwhile, the other girls, back with Older Erin, are kidnapped by Farmer Larry, a member of the underground fighting against the Old Watch, and unlike the comic which took it’s ol’ sweet time explaining what the two sides in the time war were even fighting for, this time around, the show tells me more or less right away, and while the source material was more about a literal battle between generations where the rebel group assumed the Paper Girls would side with them simply because they were teenagers and all adults were untrustworthy, here it’s more about the haves and have-nots.  The Old Watch have.  Everyone else has not.

Is it ironic this show came from Amazon?  Huh.  No wonder they canceled it.

As it is, whatever KJ, Tiff, and Erin (both of her) are up to, it mostly amounts to, admittedly necessary, plot development, explaining what’s going on and why.  Basically, all the good character stuff is happening with Mac while the other three are learning what’s going on.  Oh, and the Prioress will kill Mac for the crime of accidental time travel.

Good thing Larry has a giant robot.

Will a giant robot make this show even more fun?  Honestly, I am not sure, but it does promise I will continue to like each episode more than the one before it.