December 7, 2023

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The X-Files “Aubrey”

The agents search for a serial killer who took a few decades off.

Hey, Terry O’Quinn!  If I pretend this is a LOST flashback, does that mean Ryan automatically hates this episode?

The Case:  Serial Killer Genes!

The Rest:  So, there’s this old argument about nature vs nurture, and this episode seems to lean on the former because some police detective, pregnant by her married co-worker (O’Quinn), turns out to be exactly like her serial killer grandpa that she never knew before because she was adopted and, as Mulder theorizes later, the killer genes maybe skipped a generation.

There’s, like, a lot going on here, starting with the case.  I’ve reached a point where the agents just decide to go somewhere without much prompting.  The detective above, B.J., found the remains of a an FBI agent who disappeared while looking for a serial killer a couple decades earlier, mostly because she had these visions, and then the killings started again.  Is it the original killer?

Well, he’s a miserable old man on an oxygen tank, so that seems unlikely.

Also, Mulder says he always wanted to meet a woman named “B.J.”.  Um…is that a joke to what I think it is?  And he made that comment to Scully?  That’s gross.

Scully, meanwhile, can just tell that B.J. is into Lt. John Locke and that’s she’s pregnant, even saying to B.J. that she knows what it’s like to be in love with a co-worker.  Oh, and for the forgetful, she doesn’t mean Mulder.  Then again, this show is already showing some questionable sexual politics by 2023 standards.  I blame Watson.

As it is, poor B.J. goes full on crazy, deciding to kill the grandparents she didn’t know about because, you know, adopted, but by then Mulder is on the case to get knocked on his ass (he sucks at fighting), but bring in Scully and John Locke, and she’ll surrender before more people get hurt, off to the mental hospital where I am sure she will stay until budget cuts put her back on the street.

You know, I can buy that she’s got the Evil Gene like Hitler, Walt Disney, and Freddy Quimby.  But why did she kill people the exact same way as that nasty grandpa she never met?  Sure, it makes the old man look guilty despite the fact he can’t possibly be the killer, but the point stands.

Eh, I’ll let it break Jimmy’s brain instead.

Up next, it looks like the agents are taking on Norman Bates.