July 18, 2024

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Vikings: Valhalla “The Thaw”

Season Two, Episode Four

I haven’t said much about the England plot so far for season two.

Let’s make a change there.

So, much of what’s been going on with England is Queen Emma is, like, superparanoid with all the different men that she often rules with out of town, and Godwin has a girlfriend whose brother tried to kill the Queen.  Godwin stopped him, but Emma has reason to believe Godwin maybe was in on the plot, largely because Godwin’s betrothed, one of Emma’s handmaids, was actually the assassin’s half-sister, and there was some question whether or not Godwin knew that since he did oversee the assassin’s very rough interrogation that ended with the man dead before he could say who hired him.

Anyway, that comes to a head here when Emma, after confronting Godwin, decides to torture the handmaid that Godwin considers his wife to find out if Godwin was involved.  Except, well, barring some later-in-the-season reveal, he had nothing to do with anything.  The handmaid ends up dying, though her last words are that Godwin wanted a son to become a king.  Not exactly out of the question since Emma currently has no (living) sons, and Godwin wasn’t looking to dethrone anyone anyway.  He was thinking long term.

Not that Emma knows that part, or that the handmaid would survive the torture that looked like it started with her fingernails getting yanked.  Godwin, naturally, is pissed and won’t be forgiving Emma any time soon.

Here’s my question:  what happened to these two characters?

Season one showed Emma and Godwin, while not exactly tight, were both really smart operatives who knew how to work scenarios.  Godwin’s strategy might have kept England out of Viking hands.  Emma was smart enough to more or less rule the kingdom without having the men telling her what to do.  The only real problem was Emma’s dumbass son was easy to trick into putting himself in a bad position before he conveniently died when Godwin conveniently stabbed him.

It’s why I was actually, for the first time in any Vikings series, actually interested in what was happening in England with people who were not Vikings.

But then this soap opera-y stuff, with Emma suddenly being a dummy, and I find myself becoming less interested.

Meanwhile, Freydis realized that people don’t make others priestesses just because they believe in things, and Harald and Lief learn the true hazards of being on a frozen river during the spring thaw.