April 12, 2024

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Going Through The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Part Fifteen

Jimmy and Tom are talkin' more Avengers with their thoughts on the episodes "To Steal an Ant-Man" and "Michael Korvac".,

Hey, look!  Another entry!  And so soon!

Yes, Jimmy and Tom had more cartoon talk over The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, namely the episodes “To Steal an Ant-Man” and “Michael Korvac”.

“To Steal an Ant-Man”

Hank has to call in specialized help when his Ant-Man gear disappears.

jimmy:  So, how many people do you need to call yourself a team?  Is it just two?

tomk:  Three by episode’s end!

jimmy:  Power Man, Iron Fist and Retired Hank Pym…it’s got a good ring to it!

tomk:  I think you mean Luke, Danny, and Scott Lang.

jimmy:  Are they a team now?

tomk:  We might see them all again.

jimmy:  Highly likely.

tomk:  But two people is still a team. Just a very small one.

jimmy:  I suppose.

tomk:  Like the dynamic duo of Moose and Beaver.

jimmy:  See…duo, not “team”.  :wink:

tomk:  A team means more than one.

Besides, if you hire a guy by episode’s end, now there’s three of you.

jimmy:  Not to mention how many ants.

tomk:  Sure. Now.

jimmy:  History lesson time.  So, Scott being an ex-con, having Cassie and stealing the Ant-Man suit are consistent between this version and the MCU.  What is his comic origin?

tomk:  I think it’s pretty much what you saw here minus Luke and Danny.

jimmy:  Cool.

tomk:  And, apparently, the minions here are old Heroes for Hire enemies.

jimmy:  That would make sense. And Darren Cross is certainly not something of a scientist.

tomk:  Oh, who is?

jimmy:  Hank?

tomk:   Judges?

jimmy:  Phew.

tomk:  So, how about that decidedly not Paul Ruddish character?

jimmy:  That wasn’t Paul Rudd?  Huh.

tomk:  I know. Such a close resemblance.

jimmy:  I doubt Rudd bares much resemblance to comic book Scott Lang either.

tomk:  He may now.

But I am guessing that Iron Fist hasn’t been remodeled after the GoT guy.

jimmy:  Thank God.

tomk:  Instead, that actor is living in your toolshed.

jimmy:  It wouldn’t surprise me. He hasn’t had a job since.

tomk:  He may also be swiping your DoorDash deliveries to live off.

jimmy:  That explains a lot!

tomk:  Maybe do take out instead of delivery.

jimmy:  I will now!

tomk:  Or give him a job mowing your lawn and general maintenance. You can pay him by letting him stay in your shed and not acting.

jimmy:  He can act, he just shouldn’t be Iron Fist.

tomk:  Who should be Iron Fist?

jimmy:  You?

tomk:  Nah.

jimmy:  Someone that actually knows martial arts?

tomk:  That works.

jimmy:  Could be worse.


jimmy:  That’s worse.

tomk:  And for Luke Cage?

jimmy:  I don’t mind Coulter.

tomk:  And he doesn’t mind you.


tomk:  Unless you owe him money.

jimmy:  I don’t!

tomk:  Good. Have a muffin basket.

jimmy:  Nice. I am hungry.

tomk:  As long as you don’t try to take a bite out of Luke.

jimmy:  I couldn’t afford the dental work.

tomk:  Smart man. Have a Snickers.

jimmy:  Good idea. Much better to avoid expensive dental work.

tomk:  You aren’t yourself when you’re hungry.

jimmy:  Who am I?

tomk:  Some dude named Jason.

jimmy:  I better eat.

tomk:  So, do you like all these guest stars of late?

jimmy:  I do. Though this one didn’t feel much like an Avengers show.

tomk:  Hank is an Avenger. And Batman’s a scientist.

jimmy:  Heh.  But the show is not called “Avenger: Earth’s Mightiest Hero”.

tomk:  Iron Fist isn’t a mighty hero?

jimmy:  He’s not an Avenger.

tomk:  And what about other mighty heroes?

jimmy:  Definitely not Avengers.

tomk:  I don’t wanna think about the kind of guy who would make Iron Fist and Luke Cage Avengers. Probably add Spider-Man and Wolverine while he was at it.

jimmy:  Just the worst.

tomk:  Yeah, that would be silly. But Hank got his stuff back and then just gave it away to some guy without a job.

jimmy:  When you’re retired, you’re retired.

tomk:  Too bad. The Avengers might need him to stop a bad guy from a famous Avengers storyline from the 70s that famously required something like thirty heroes to defeat including some guest stars.

jimmy:  People come out of retirement all the time!

tomk:  Well, this retelling might be a lot shorter.

jimmy:  Like 22 minutes or so?

tomk:  Approximately that, yes.

jimmy:  Will we find out?

tomk:  Well, we can if you want to.

jimmy:  Sure.

tomk:  Get ready for some cosmic hijinks.

“Michael Korvac”

Michael Korvac turns to the Avengers for help.  He says aliens are after him. Is that the truth?

jimmy:  I’m guessing this bares only a passing resemblance to the comic book version of the Korvac Saga?

tomk:  From what I understand, yes. For one thing, the original used the original Guardians from the future. I also think that’s the story where budget cuts forced the Avengers to take the bus to their final battle.

jimmy:  Was this before the MCU Guardians movie?

tomk:  Yes.

I mean, Rocket was being polite and deferential to Star-Lord’s title…

jimmy:  But Groot was still Groot.

tomk:  He sure got splintered a lot.

And then there’s Quasar and Warlock.

jimmy:  And the female Quasar at that.

tomk:  They were using the then-current one.

jimmy:  Fair enough.

tomk:  I think she goes by “Martyr” now.

jimmy:  The Guardians’ outfits looked familiar, and were of the time period I imagine as well.

tomk:  Those outfits ought to look familiar.

jimmy:  There you go.

tomk:  But yes, they were of that time period.

jimmy:  And Rocket was from Europe.

tomk:  Sounded Australian to me.

jimmy:  That’s in Europe isn’t it?  (I couldn’t remember what it sounded like to be honest.)

It certainly wasn’t Bradley Cooper.

tomk:  Well, it is a different continent,but I suppose he could have been English.

jimmy:  Australian it is.  (I didn’t watch the whole thing, but the voice certainly changes in his second appearance…)

tomk:  Yeah. Everyone knows there are raccoons in Australia.

jimmy:  Did I know that?

tomk:  Are you part of everyone?

jimmy:  Yes?

tomk:  Or was I being sarcastic as there aren’t raccoons in Australia?

jimmy:  Did I know that?

tomk:  Raccoons are a North American species.

jimmy:  The High Evolutionary must have brought some with him.

tomk:  Or he’s from an alien planet.

jimmy:And not a raccoon. But still Australian.

tomk:  There’s an Australia on another planet?

jimmy:  There are raccoons, so why not?

tomk:  You have a point there.

jimmy:  I know my space Australias.

tomk:  You have played knifey-spoony before.

jimmy:  I’m usually on the spoon side, but yes.

tomk:  Does that mean you want this pudding?

jimmy:  I need to use this spoon for something.


jimmy:  Scary.

tomk:  Yeah, don’t threaten people with spoons.

jimmy:  I feel like I’ve seen that before…

tomk:  Was Watson chasing you with a spoon?

jimmy:  Yes, but I meant that video specifically.

tomk:  There are a number of those if you image search “spoon weapon”.

jimmy:  Here we go:

tomk:  Well, I had never seen that before.

jimmy:  It’s no Garbage Day.

tomk:  That’s more of a Star Trek bit of unwelcomeness.

jimmy:  Phew. I was afraid that my mention of it would summon it.

tomk:  Of course not.

So, about Michael Korvac…

jimmy:  Not a friendly fellow.

tomk:  It’s almost like torturous alien experiments cause problems. Like if they deprived him of beer and TV.

jimmy:  Both are known to make people go crazy.

tomk:  You’re all right if you give the guy at least one of those.

jimmy:  I don’t think a beer is gonna help Korvac.

tomk:  Two beers?

jimmy:  Hmmm. Maybe.

tomk:  Two good beers?

jimmy:  Worth a try.

tomk:  Ok, Jimmy. Here are your two good beers.

jimmy:  Nice.  I thought they were for Korvac, but I’ll take’em.

tomk:  We don’t want you blowing up a planet and then laughing about it.

Man, Korvac might be the creepiest bad guy on this show, and he only appears once.

jimmy:  He was pretty creepy.

tomk:  Like, I wouldn’t invite him to a party.

jimmy:  Better not invite his girlfriend either.

tomk:  Oh, they come as a pair. Also, if he does show up, don’t invite anyone soaked in Kree energies.

jimmy:  Do a lot of them live in your building?

tomk:  Are you inviting people to my building?

jimmy:  No. That’s just something people say.

tomk:  What people?

jimmy:  The ones crashing your awesome parties.

tomk:  I don’t throw awesome parties.  I sit quietly and reminisce over times gone by, and then I watch the next episode of something.

jimmy:  Is this one of those times?

tomk:  Well, I did watch the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers fail to contain a shirtless dude.  Usually shirtless dudes are just getting arrested on COPS.

jimmy:  COPS has a better theme song. That helped.

tomk:  Oh obviously

jimmy:  That’s the one.

tomk:  So, the Avengers should recruit Chief Wiggum?

jimmy:  Well, maybe not.

tomk:  How about the Great Lakes Avengers?

jimmy:  Probably better than Wiggum.

tomk:  Wiggum hasn’t been the same since he tried to arrest that shirtless Hulk.

jimmy:  This one?

tomk:  Close enough. Have a cookie.

jimmy:  Thanks.  Wait…this is an oatmeal raisin cookie.  Korvac!!!

tomk:  It wasn’t originally…

Korvac is a reality-altering being.

jimmy:  Korvac!!!

tomk:  Try these Chips Ahoy cookies.

jimmy:  Oatmeal raisin again!   I’m really starting to hate that guy.  Good thing this is his only appearance.

tomk:  Yeah, and Star-Lord suggested there are far more dangerous things out there than him.

jimmy:  There always is.

tomk:  Like Thanos or the Celestials or these guys.

jimmy:  Those guys are dangerous.

tomk:  Especially the one on the right.

jimmy:  The Watsonator.

tomk:  He might be under arrest in space.

jimmy:  That’s a relief.  Until Korvac breaks him out.

tomk:  He’s too busy ruining your cookies.

jimmy:  Korvac!!!

tomk:  No wonder he spends so much time laughing in space.

jimmy:  Space jerk.

tomk:  I dunno. I like oatmeal raisin cookies.


tomk:  He changed all mine to brusel sprouts.

jimmy:  That is definitely worse.

tomk:  But that’s Korvac for you. He makes everything worse.

jimmy:  I think he edited the new opening credits too.

tomk:  And he took Young Justice off Netflix Canada.

jimmy:  Korvac!!!

tomk:  Maybe we should move on.  Then no more Korvac.

jimmy:  Sounds good.

tomk:  Besides, there are sneakier people.

NEXT:  Tom and Jimmy will be back soon with more Avengers with the episodes “Who Do You Trust?” and “The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill.”