May 27, 2024

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The X-Files “3”

Mulder goes looking for vampires while completely on his own.

This is apparently the second episode to feature a guest appearance from David Duchovny’s girlfriend.  Only its a different actress this time, someone named Perrey Reeves.  I can’t say I have heard of her, but her Wikipedia entry tells me her best known work was on Entourage.  I’ve never seen that show and don’t care to check it out any time soon.

But hey, it’s Just Mulder this time.

The Case:  Vampires!

The Rest:  Yes, the X-Files are reopened, and Mulder’s first case is apparently his missing partner.  Or it’s vampires in Los Angeles.  More like the vampires.

And, despite the fact the script came from the usually reliable Glen Morgan and James Wong (with Chris Ruppenthal)…I just don’t like this episode.  It’s long and tedious, dedicating a good chunk of the episode to Mulder’s romance with a young woman who is maybe being targeted by the vampires as a recruit or a victim.  It’s not clear.  There are three vampires (the Father, the Son, and the Unholy Spirit), and they always take victims in threes in the form of a father, a son, and a believer, and they have some pretty wide latitude on what counts as each of those things.   Plus, the Son does suddenly burn to a crisp when locked up in an interrogation room when the sun hits him.

But then he gets better.

My issue with this episode is, well, I don’t much care for Mulder’s sex life.  Part of the running gag about the character is he has a large porn collection because, well, he not be all that lucky with the ladies due to his obsessiveness and general spooky demeanor.

For the record, I am only marginally more interested in Scully’s sex life because, well, she seems normal and might actually have one.

But the romance makes no sense, the vampires’ half-assed philosophy is dull, and I don’t much care what happens.

That said, my biggest issue here is Mulder by himself doesn’t work.  He needs Scully to push back on his theories.  Here he spends a whole episode moping around, he gets lucky, and then after he can’t quite decide if they really are vampires or not, he goes home with not much of anything.

They better bring back Scully soon.

Up next, they bring back Scully.