June 7, 2023

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Better Call Saul “Coushatta”

Season Four, Episode Eight

There’s a part of me that thinks, with what I figure is a darn good reason, that Jimmy McGill is too good for Kim Wexler.

That said, when the two are working together on something, they really are a fantastic team.

See, I could probably say quite a bit about the problems in their relationship due to Kim’s more honest, or at least more ethical, personality, and Jimmy’s, shall we say, more fast and loose approach to life.  I’ve probably said as much before.  Neither character is stupid.  Jimmy might be a little thoughtless when it comes to deciding whether or not he should do some of the things he does, but he is a smart guy who knows the law even if he tweaks it to his own advantage.  And he does try to make things right when he screws up and hurts people who don’t deserve it.  Kim knows the law and, mostly, follows the more ethical approach.

Which makes the nearly episode-long scheme the two pull to get Huell out of prison all the more brilliant.  It was largely Kim’s idea, but there are some very blatant Jimmy elements added to it, all in an effort to make Huell look like a true saint of a person complete with massive amounts of letters mailed from Huell’s hometown of Coushatta, Louisiana, phone banks of burner phones in case the local DA tries to call and confirm a story, and a fake website for a fictional church that appeared to have a fundraiser going for Huell’s defense.  And that’s not counting Kim’s trying to cut a deal in Huell’s favor with said DA.

This is a lot of effort to help a guy who hit a plainclothes cop over the head with a bag of sandwiches, particularly since Huell already had a record.

And somehow, it all works.  I mean, of course it works.  Kim and Jimmy are working together, and despite problems in the relationship, those seem to evaporate when they work together to pull a scam like this.  I mean, this is a scam.  Kim is even aware this is a scam.  She went along with it, did most of the planning, and never really stopped to think twice about it.  Furthermore, when all is said and done and Jimmy is getting ready to swear he won’t do anything like that again, Kim is the one who says she wants to do more couples conning.

Uh huh.  Kim, you may have broken bad and not realized it.  Jimmy was always something of a small time criminal, but Kim’s plan was a hell of a lot bigger and more complicated than anything Jimmy seems to have pulled off.  Is this what happens when Jimmy McGill has someone who is just as dedicated to this sort of thing as he is but is also perhaps the smartest person on the show?

Is anyone smarter than Kim?  Probably Mike or Gus, but Mike’s is more of an experienced wisdom while Gus is, well, Gus.

Speaking of which, yes, there are plotlines involving Nacho, Mike, and the Germans, but oddly enough the problem with the Germans may be softspoken and generally agreeable Werner.

Say, what does it say that cool characters like Mike and Gus are on this show, and I would rather talk about Kim Wexler?

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