June 12, 2024

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Killing Eve “It’s Agony And I’m Ravenous”

Series Four, Episode Four

OK, halfway point in the final batch of episodes, and…I think it’s starting to come together.  I’m still not completely enraptured with this series as I was previous ones, but it did tick up a bit this time.

That’s mostly because the show finally did something that I think was hinted at before but that was only given a scene or two here and there:  teamed up Villanelle with Carolyn.  Yes, the show wants Eve and Villanelle to be a pair or something, but the over-the-top, overly emotional, childlike to the point of childish Villanelle does make something of the perfect counterpart to the entirely deadpan and seemingly emotionless Carolyn.

Let’s face it:  Carolyn may be the only character on this show that, faced with Villanelle’s kidnapping of her and presumed upcoming murder, reacts with an “Oh, it’s you” and then criticizes the known psychopath as being off her game since the normally creative killer is simply brandishing a large wrench.  Yes, Villanelle does hit Carolyn over the head with it, but it isn’t fatal, and the two get to talking and now they are maybe a team of some kind as they look for their mutual enemy, the Twelve and it’s leadership.

That Eve and Helene are also looking for the same guy on their own, and they are not working together, says a lot.

Oh, that this was the first episode that made me wince when Villanelle went to work on a target is also saying something.  A botched creative kill just means she can do some creative torture before a slightly less creative kill.

That said, any idea that Villanelle is trying to be good, or at least better, seems to be out the window as Helene gets her out of jail while Carolyn opts to encourage Villanelle’s murderous ways.  She does so in the most Carolyn-way possible, namely by suggesting human nature is not just about being good or bad, so why not be good at something you are good at?  No wonder Carolyn seemed mildly disappointed when the wrench came out.  Of course Carolyn would want an asset like Villanelle.  Heck, she used Villanelle in that way back in series two since Villanelle could get her hands dirty in ways MI5 couldn’t.

I guess that means Villanelle will stop being “good” because why be good when you’re with someone who doesn’t care and values your work?

Maybe Carolyn was the trainer/handler Villanelle needed all along.  I mean, Konstantin was driven crazy trying to keep her under some level of control, mostly by trying to restrain her.  And his efforts to train Pam don’t seem to be working out all that much better, and she’s, like, the opposite of Villanelle.  And that’s not counting Eve’s attempts at being seductive that just plain aren’t working.

Wait, what does Villanelle see in Eve again?  Even she didn’t seem to have a clear answer when asked…