June 12, 2024

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Weekend Trek “Chain Of Command Part Two”

Captain Picard learns how to count.

Man, we get Patrick Stewart vs David Warner and Ronny Cox off to the side in the definitive anti-torture episode of genre TV?  And it’s a part two?

Jimmy and Tom have some thoughts on that below.

“Chain of Command Part Two”

Riker clashes with Jellico while Picard learns how to count.

jimmy:  Do you think Picard’s confession at the end takes away from his scream of there being four lights just as he’s rescued?

tomk:  Yes and no. It’s a point to show no one can hold out forever as many fictional characters like Picard often do and to further hammer home a point Picard made earlier in the episode that torture doesn’t work, but it does show he still had enough inside him to possibly show David Warner he lost.

jimmy:  Yeah, I was mixed on it was well.  The first reaction is that Picard never broke. Way to go Picard!  But then it was like, oh, I guess he did break. But that just makes him human.  

tomk:  Right. You want someone who won’t break, use Data. Or Batman. Or maybe even the surprisingly durable Porky Pig.

jimmy:  Do you think this was a worse experience for Picard than being assimilated?

tomk:  Huh. Hard to say. He didn’t unwittingly betray Starfleet this time. What do you think?

jimmy:  Say what you will about the Borg, they’re not cruel. And to my knowledge they don’t torture people.

tomk:  Sure. Everyone likes having limbs removed and eyes experimented on.

jimmy:  I’m not saying it’s great, but it’s probably not painful.

tomk:  The Borg basically don’t care. The Cardassians want people to suffer.

jimmy:  Right.  They even teach it to their kids.

tomk:  It’s better than the stuff they teach in the Bajoran schools according to this pamphlet written by Gul Dukat.

jimmy:  That may be propaganda.

tomk:  So I shouldn’t give all my money to the Pah-Wraith cult?

jimmy:  Not all, no.

tomk:  I wasn’t going to give any.

jimmy:  Even better.

tomk:  But what happened to Picard here certainly was harrowing.

jimmy:  For sure. Did I mention the Cardassians are jerks?

tomk:  Not recently.

But we did get some really good acting there with Stewart and Warner. And we know bad acting when we see it.

jimmy:  I’m going to ignore that last part.  Yes, Stewart and Warner were awesome.  Even if we did see one of their naked behinds.

tomk:  In shadow.

jimmy:  Wasn’t much shadow in the first shot…it also might not have been Patrick Stewart.

tomk:  Maybe it was the Garbage Day Guy.

jimmy:  Maybe.

tomk:  It ain’t Captain Jake.

jimmy:  No.  You’d recognize that butt anywhere.

tomk:  Captain Jake was probably offering up consolation drinks to Riker.

jimmy:  Riker did seem pretty relaxed in his quarters.

tomk:  It was no longer his problem what happened.

Despite the fact Jellico got all the results he needed to.

jimmy:  I was surprised Riker didn’t break ranks and go after Picard himself.

tomk:  Jellico took his shuttlecraft keys too.

jimmy:  Heh.  And wasn’t it Riker that fired on Picard after he was assimilated?

tomk:  He tried to.

jimmy:  So he knows that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

tomk:When it suits his needs.

jimmy:  And the needs of the plot.

tomk:  Well, it’s different when a Borg cube is parked right in front of you.

jimmy:  And when you’re the actual Captain and not at odds with the current Captain who you don’t like.

tomk:  Plus, near as I can make out, Jellico’s only crime was he wasn’t very sociable.

jimmy:  That and making Data wear a red uniform, which just looked weird.

tomk:  It did bring out the gold in his eyes.

jimmy:  Yeah.  Weird.

tomk:  You can change your uniform if you get the right promotion.

Like when you got promoted to Gabbing Geek’s head of marketing.

jimmy:  It was nice to get out of that French Maids outfit.

tomk:  That wasn’t your old uniform. You just had to wear a tie and a pair of pants.


That’s not what Watson told me.

tomk:  Since when did you listen to Watson?

jimmy:  He does sign the checks.

tomk:  That’s Ryan.

jimmy:  Oh.  Dang.

tomk:  Watson is in charge of other departments of little importance to keep him busy.

jimmy:  That makes more sense.  Like Troi.

tomk:  Troi does the HR stuff. And she didn’t really object to Jellico here meaning she probably thought Riker was in the wrong.

jimmy:  Yeah, I was surprised she didn’t speak up there.

tomk: Did anyone?  Looks like they all just did their jobs.

jimmy:  Except Riker.

tomk:  Worf was probably loving Jellico’s tough guy ways. The others hadn’t complained about a new officer like they did in Part One since the time Worf’s brother came over in that officer exchange program.

jimmy:  And like you said, Jellico got the job done.  Even if people didn’t like/weren’t used to his style of leadership.

tomk:  Yeah. If Picard did all that to save Jellico, we wouldn’t be complaining.

jimmy:  The only one to really push back was Riker.  And that might have been more personal than anything.

tomk:  Riker just isn’t as professional as Troi, Geordi, Worf, Data, Crusher, Captain Jake, Ensign Ro, Guinan, Barclay, you, all of Geordi’s ex-girlfriends, Data’s cat, the holographic woman from Riker’s jazz club, Alexander, Picard’s fish, or the O’Brien clan that moved to Deep Space Nine.

jimmy:  Unceremoniously.

tomk:  They had a big party between episodes.

jimmy:  They better have.

tomk:  I was there. Didn’t you get the invite?

jimmy:  …no.

tomk:  Must be why I saw the Garbage Day Guy there.

jimmy:  Glad I missed it then.

tomk:  Yeah. Worf kicked his ass and tossed him out an airlock to the approval of all.

jimmy:  MVP!

tomk:  You miss all the good parties.

jimmy:  Story of my life.

tomk:  I hear you instead go to even better parties.

jimmy:  Probably why I don’t remember them.

tomk:  Those are Captain Jake’s best parties.

jimmy:  Jellico’s parties are not so great.

tomk:  Mostly because he doesn’t throw any.

jimmy:  That’s not great. Though I don’t say Picard does either.

tomk:  Picard throws classy, formal ones.

jimmy:  He definitely seems more like a fancy dinner party sorta guy.

tomk:  Yeah. Probably not the place to gulp down raw eggs.

jimmy:  The only place for that is when you’re starving to death.

tomk:  Probably because of torture or war or because you have a big fight with Apollo Creed coming up.

jimmy:  All acceptable.

tomk:  Maybe David Warner would have problems breaking Rocky Balboa.

jimmy:  You think Rocky would be hard to break?

tomk:  Apollo couldn’t do it, and that guy is a god.

jimmy:  It’s not all about physicality. Picard’s far from Rocky Bslboa-shape.

tomk:  Rocky’s whole thing is he doesn’t quit.

jimmy:  What is he like some not giving up guy?

tomk:  But not for a school guy.

jimmy:  Completely unrelated, did we know Riker was the best pilot in Starfleet?

tomk:  It comes up sometimes that he’s the best on the ship. Better than Geordi, who used to be the pilot, and Data, who is Data.

jimmy:  And the time Picard flew the ship instead of Data.

tomk:  And Riker.

jimmy:  That’s consistent.

And Geordi even said he could fly the mission, but Riker would be better. If Geordi could do it, why ask Riker and reinstate him?

tomk:  Because then Riker won’t be like Achilles sulking in his tent.

jimmy:  And the producers needed to give him something to do to justify his salary.

tomk:  Unlike Troi.

Unless Jellico asked Riker to go because he was hoping Riker was going to get killed in the flight.

jimmy:  Ohh…interesting spin.

tomk:  But that would be unprofessional.

jimmy:  But interesting.

tomk:  As interesting as Cardassian Take Your Daughter To Work Day?

jimmy:  That’s more on the disturbing side.

tomk:  You only say that because you don’t like it when that Watson girl from that alternate reality comes to visit.

jimmy:  Very disturbing.

tomk:  You were saying there were five lights when she left at the end of her last visit.

jimmy:  I would have said 10.

tomk:  There were two.

jimmy:  I stand by my answer.

tomk:  Do you stand with Riker or Jellico?

jimmy:  Well, everything worked out, so I guess Jellico was right. But Riker is my guy.

tomk:  Jellico even got Picard back.

jimmy:  Exactly.

tomk:  Still, this was a great episode for the Picard stuff alone.

The Jellico stuff just shows a Star Trek where people could not get along and still get the job done.

jimmy:  Which is probably more common than the lovey dovey TNG “family”.

tomk:  Gene Roddenberry thought everyone in the future would get along. Just like in Star Trek Picard.

jimmy:  That doesn’t hold up, even for TOS, or there wouldn’t be a show.

tomk:  You just have problems with guest stars.

jimmy:  I do not. Ronny Cox was just a jerk.

tomk:  No, I meant the show would, not you personally. You just have a problem with Watson and the Garbage Day Guy.

jimmy:  Indeed.

tomk:  But maybe there are other forgotten foes that Picard might need to deal with.

jimmy:  He has a lot of those.

tomk:  This one may be a bit more familiar to you.

jimmy:  Only one way to find out.

tomk:  Indeed.

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