June 7, 2023

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Better Call Saul “Something Stupid”

Season Four, Episode Seven

Many times with this show, the cold open is a nice scene that gives me a good character moment, but by and large, I’m not often sure what it has to do with the rest of the episode.  Many of them seem to be about Jimmy McGill the man, filling in gaps that were missing beforehand for one reason or another.  But this episode’s open, yeah, this one I totally get.

That’s because said cold open shows Kim and Jimmy going about their day.  There’s a black line running down the center of the screen.  Kim is doing professional lawyer stuff.  Jimmy is selling burner phones out of the back of a van with Huell.  There are a few moments in the beginning where the bar seems to just be there as Kim and/or Jimmy reach across it, but as the scene plays out, those moments more or less vanish.  Kim and Jimmy are drifting apart due to their respective obligations, and Jimmy’s work may or may not be completely legal.  At the least, his selling the phones may be legal, but the people buying them are up to less-than-legal things, but that comes later in the episode.  The point, overall, is Kim and Jimmy appear to be drifting apart, and that’s not a good thing.

Oh, Kim would probably be fine even if Jimmy seems to be able to keep her entertained and lively better than anything outside her work.  Jimmy, on the other hand, does most of what he does for Kim.  That’s pretty clear at this point, and it offers an interesting angle to the character that has been hanging around as long as he has.  Did he get into the Saul Goodman game to be with Kim or something like that?  Here the burner phone thing is only so he can get enough money to get some nice office space for the two of them once his law license is reinstated.

And then Jimmy takes one look at her new office and realizes, without saying it, that he can’t give her as much as her new job can.  He doesn’t have the resources.  For a universe of shows that often goes over-the-top, I have always appreciated how the shows involved often have the characters just react without explaining themselves, but in a way that anyone paying attention would know what was up.  Jimmy measures out a perspective office in a place he’s looking at, then he does the same for Kim’s new office.  Kim’s new office is bigger.  Jimmy then goes out, gets drunk, and humiliates a whole lot of people who have been nothing but nice to him.  Including Kim.  Especially Kim.

I wouldn’t want Kim mad at me.  That woman always means business.

And yes, while the end of the episode suggests the two might be able to patch things up when Heull smacks an off-duty cop with a bag of sandwiches–yes, that is a thing that happened–I would still be a wee bit concerned about their overall relationship.

Then again, only because I know how Gus’s story ends, I would be concerned about what he’s up to with Hector as well.  And Gus would be the one to notice how lecherous the post-stroke Hector is.

Then again, this is a world where Mike seems to be the best overall judge of character on the show.  He knows trouble brewing with the German works building the lab under the industrial laundry when he sees it.  Those problems probably won’t be solved by a trip to Staples.

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