May 22, 2024

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Killing Eve “A Rainbow In Beige Boots”

Series Four, Episode Three

Well, no one saw Jesus in this episode.  That strikes me as a step up.

But at this point, I am wondering if every character on this show is bisexual.  There’s nothing wrong with that or anything, but it sure does seem to be something.  Characters are often celibate or  will apparently sleep with anyone.  Just sayin’.

But what does happen?  Well, Villanelle tried religion.  That didn’t work.  She killed two people at a church camping trip.  If religion doesn’t work, how about therapy?  And hey, maybe this time it’ll help if the therapist already knows who she is!

Wait, that doesn’t sound helpful at all.  She’s kinda terrifying.

Unless you’re Eve because, by this point, she’s basically over Villanelle to the point where she barely blinks when she finds Villanelle in her hotel room.

OK, as much as Villanelle is acting like a cartoon character more and more as time goes on, I will give the show some credit in Eve’s transformation.  Yes, she’s still kinda clumsy and socially awkward, but she’s found a way to more or less use it.  Maybe Badass Eve isn’t quite where she should be, but she is someone who has been doing this for a while and should be a lot more capable than she used to be.  She’s off meeting silly women and learning a name for a higher-up of the Twelve before Helene finds her.  Who’s Helene?  She’s a higher up in the Twelve who’s been torturing her way to the top, and Eve wants to find one of these people alive.  It’s nice to see Eve being, you know, competent at something other than profiling.  Maybe she’s a little too much that way for some, but she should have been learning, and it’s not like it’s clear how much time passed between series three and four.

Maybe that’s why Villanelle’s act is wearing thin for both Eve and me as the viewer.  She isn’t getting better or worse.  She’s just…her.  No wonder Eve set her up to be arrested.

That said, she did get through a whole episode without killing anyone.  The murder for this episode fell to Pam, a harried young woman who works in the family funeral home, but her awful brother probably had it coming.

However, this episode did raise the idea that Villanelle, because she says she wants to be better, may be able to be less murderous.  At this point, this many episodes in, that seems…well, unlikely.  Can she change?

I don’t know.  But after all this time…why now?  This is the 27th episode out of a total of 32.  That seems like bad timing since I don’t think there was a single hint that this could actually happen outside of the fact, as pointed out by the therapist, that Villanelle never really killed Eve when she had the chance.

Meaning…this show’s title was a lie all along!