February 23, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #2 (July, 2021)

Supergirl and her new friend Ruthye begin their quest for vengeance.

The first issue for this mini-series, supposed inspiration for an upcoming Supergirl movie, ended with what looked like Supergirl and Krypto in mortal danger thanks to injuries sustained on a planet with a red sun.  Somehow, I doubt they’d kill off the title character before the second issue rolled around.

For that at least, I was right.

Issue:  Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #2, July 2021

Writer:  Tom King

Artist:  Bilquis Evely

The Plot:  Supergirl and Ruthye take a long bus ride.  Seriously.

Commentary:  This issue is mostly there to fill in a bit of what Supergirl and Krypto were doing on Ruthye’s planet–largely going to celebrate her 21st birthday somewhere where she could actually get drunk, but there’s more to the story than that as basically the entire galaxy out that way is red suns, so it will take Kara a long time to recharge her powers–and after some follow-up on how Kara at least survived–Krypto’s condition is a bit more ambiguous, or I hope it is–the issue is primarily Supergirl and Ruthye taking a series of transit ships to the place where Kara’s own shuttle was programmed to land, there to get back at the man who killed Ruthye’s father, wounded Kara, possibly killed Krypto, and accidentally stole the ship.

But that guy is only spoken about.  This issue here is more about Ruthye, the narrator, getting to know her travel companion and setting up how Supergirl is different from her cousin.  If Superman ever had thoughts of vengeance against those who let Krypton, he’s never said it.  Supergirl, on the other hand, may actually wish she could do such a thing.  Likewise, even in her depowered state, she’s still very capable in a fight, and her reputation alone both wards off and attracts trouble.

That said, she’s still clearly a heroic character here.  She may be a bit annoyed when she’s called upon to try and protect the ship while powerless, but she still tries to help people.  She’s a hero, but she’s not as altruistic or even the pacifist Superman is.  I mean, she does seem to be going along with Ruthye’s vengeance thing.

That said, I will not be surprised to learn Ruthye’s late father is not the saint she remembers.  Just a feeling right now.

Grade:  B+