April 21, 2024

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Hunters “Only The Dead”

Season Two, Episode Six

So, I think I have this show more or less figured out.  It’s not just about hunting Nazis, even if one really intriguing plot and character development was basically mentioned briefly and then forgotten about.

Yeah, as I see it, the central conflict here is all about the soul of Jonah Heidelbaum.  Granted, the series has always somewhat gone in that direction as season one, from what I remember about it, was about crafting Jonah into a more remorseless Nazi-killer as a result of Meyer’s tutelage.  He didn’t start off as a murderer, but he was more than willing to be one by the season’s end considering he killed Meyer.  Now, with Clara, he wants to marry her and stop hunting once he  brings Hitler to justice.

OK, two points:  1) Clara doesn’t really know Jonah considering she only just learned his real name.  Granted, this is TV, so I am sure they’ll make up in the last episode or so, but there’s, like, no reason for Clara to still be in love with Jonah all things being equal.  Then again, I’ve said that before.  And as for 2) Hitler seems like a senile old man as Eva is quick to point out she’s been the one plotting and scheming while he sits around his compound in a wifebeater t-shirt that looks like it’s seen better days.

Seriously, Hitler would rather rest on his laurels than actually do something.

But as much as the series is headed towards Jonah’s search for redemption–the story of how he killed a child is finally explained–there’s a part of me that seriously thinks the series has also had a couple of missed opportunities.  OK, the accidental death of a child does explain why most of the Hunters want nothing to do with Jonah at first, but Joe is back, tied up, and he says something about how he just disappeared and, as far he knows, no one came looking for him.  So, really, he has a right to be angry at the others.  And then, after he shouts that one line and Roxy of all people unties him to lead the way into Hitler’s compound, he doesn’t bring it up again.

Meanwhile, by episode’s end, Chava has completely changed her mind about whether or not Jonah is or should be like her as she sacrifices her life so he can grab Hitler, something he does pull off, and while the way he both stops Hitler’s attempted suicide and escorts him through a tunnel past all of his victims, standing there as a symbolic sort of thing that only Jonah can see, I do find it a little off that Chava just changed in the middle of a firefight.  I’ll blame the writing.

And on a final note, hey, the flashback to the early days of the Hunters was nice, even if Meyer’s recruitment of some of them isn’t exactly shown, but you mean to tell me they couldn’t get Saul Rubinek to cameo as Murray?  Mindy’s there.  You’d think her husband would be there too.  He hadn’t been killed off yet.

Oh well.  They got themselves a Hitler.  Now how does this series still have two more  episodes?  I mean, I can see one more, but two?  Hopefully this doesn’t feel like it’s more spinning wheels like the last two episodes of the third season of Jack Ryan.