February 27, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Youth Patrol”

Season Four, Episode Five

Season four opened with Rita firmly set as the leader of the Doom Patrol.  She was the only one who seemed to want the job, but that didn’t mean she was good at it.  Heck, she may have just assumed the job and no one really had the heart to tell her she wasn’t cut out for it until they realized how bad she was at it.

Then this episode comes along and proves they were right to remove her since she nearly gets most of them killed. Sort of.

See, WIlloughby Kipling is back with news about Immortus.  One of the bigger mysteries about the show is why the different members of the Doom Patrol don’t really age.  OK, Cliff is just a brain in a  robot.  He kinda makes sense.  But do the nature of the others’ powers keep them from aging?  I can see that for Rita, but Larry and Jane are another story.  Regardless, Kipling is back with an explanation:  the Chief stole a little power from Immortus, an immortal god-thing, and he put that into at least Jane, Rita, and Larry (and possibly Cliff), but now someone is coming to take that longevity back, and that may not be good.

Granted, the Doom Patrol think that’s kinda silly since they’ve already saved the world from the were-butts.  Kipling thinks Immortus is much worse.  He’s probably right.

Then again, Larry took off to go find Mister 104 and Keeg and Rita isn’t here for all this.  She woke up with some wrinkles and gray hair, and being so vain, to the point she thinks some songs are about her, she goes looking for a de-aging anything in Doom Manor.  She even finds it!  And it works!  It seems to turn everyone except for Rouge into teenager versions of themselves.  Sort of.  They look the same but dress like they did as teens.  Willoughby isn’t happy.  Cliff looks like a cowboy.  The others are a lot more dated.  Rita’s bobby-soxer look is pleasing to her, but Willoughby looks like he skipped the Renaissance Fair while Jane is a hippie and Vic has a mouth full of braces and a letterman jacket.

As for Rouge, well, she says she just instinctively held her breath, but that turns out to be a lie as she’s using her powers to look her regular age.  I guess when you get yourself Michelle Gomez on the payroll, you really wanna get your money’s worth.  I mean, she’s worth it, but she’s the only one who doesn’t get recast she gets younger.

It does mean she and Rita more or less make-up.

It also means the others will convince Willoughby to do something very stupid and go to a high school party since Jane and Cliff are popular with the kids, Jane possibly for the first time ever.  Granted, Jane’s whole thing is her conflict over doing things for herself or doing things to protect Kay, but heck, even Kay gives her permission.

Oh, the Larry plot is fine and all, but it mostly looks like it may be setting Larry up for another relationship, this time with a man who can withstand Larry’s radioactivity.

Good for him.

So, what’s wrong with getting younger?  Oh, that’s simple.  They can’t stop.  Eventually, they’ll cease to exist.  Willoughby’s old mentor can perhaps fix that, but it’s hard to get out of that dang party.  Especially when the team turns into children.  Except for Cliff since he’s just a brain in a robot.  He just acts more immature.

Well, if Rita lost her longevity, who’s next?  Easy!  Jane!  Willoughby’s boss may fix the others for Jane’s longevity.  That…sounds like blackmail.

Man, that is one nasty rabbit wizard.