April 19, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: The Swamp Thing #3 (May, 2021)

Levi and Jennifer try to figure out the whole "Swamp Thing" deal scientifically. Big mistake.

Man, I think I may have missed some recent developments in on longtime DC character judging by this issue.  And I don’t mean Alec Holland.

Issue:  The Swamp Thing #3, May 2021

Writer:  Ram V

Artist:  Mike Perkins

The Plot:  Levi and Jennifer take a trip to the Green.  They weren’t planning on that.

Commentary:  There’s a lot to take note of in this new Swamp Thing series.  Levi Kamei has no idea what has happened to him and only a vague idea what he can do.  There isn’t an instruction manual or anything on all this.  As such, having Levi and his pal Jennifer (who may or may not be a love interest as Levi himself isn’t sure and the first issue suggested she was interested in him but the reverse wasn’t quite true), both being scientists and all, try to use science to figure out how the “Swamp Thing” stuff worked.  The previous issue and this one make it clear Levi is not the first Swamp Thing, that Alec Holland and the Sunderland Corporation are both sort of out there, but no one really explained anything to Levi.  As such, starting with an MRI isn’t a bad place to begin.

The problem is, of course, the Swamp Thing’s power is more mystical than scientific.  Levi and Jennifer aren’t really in a position to understand much of anything, and besides, Levi’s Swamp Thing persona seems to work differently than Alec Holland’s did.  The fact that Levi is changing back and forth largely in his sleep seems to be a good sign of that.  I know there was some different things done with the Alec Holland version, but I don’t think that sort of thing was included.  Regardless, it does set the stakes for this issue and however many more are in this particular storyarc as Levi and Jennifer find themselves separated and sucked into the Green.  Levi is in his Swamp Thing form while Jennifer, well, is just an ordinary person.

Now, DC lore does say any plant-based or connected character can access the Green.  Levi ends the issue with someone who might be the best possible tutor for what he has to do since the Green itself seems to need saving.  Both Levi and Jennifer do find established DC characters to help them out, but Levi might be the one who is in more danger, and not the obvious kind that he has to save the day here.

See, Levi meets Poison Ivy.  And there seems to be two of her.

Did I miss a memo on Pamela Isley?  Is there a second Poison Ivy now, or is her mind just fractured a certain way now?

Eh, it may not matter.  Looks like the next issue has Levi finally getting some answers on how happened or at least what he can do.

Grade:  A-