July 20, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Casey Patrol”

Season Four, Episode Four

OK, for the record…I was not expecting this series to use anything from the fairly recent Gerard Way run on Doom Patrol.  I’m not upset or anything as the characters fit in well with the show’s general aesthetic, but the point stands that I wasn’t expecting it.

Yeah, we got some new characters from a very different era of Doom Patrol comics, and after that last episode left Rita drained and in a coma…naturally we’re going to ignore the main cast and spend time with Dorothy Spinner, living as she is inside Danny the Ambulance with an ever-growing collection of oddballs and weirdos.  She has a tale of how she found a magical pendant to have a final conversation with her dead father, something she acquired with help from the Dead Boy Detectives and the Candlemaker, but even in the flashback, the episode only showed the Candlemaker.

Yeah, if we’re gonna get one last Timothy Dalton appearance, it won’t be here.

Can I settle for Tyler Mane instead?  His Torminox is, at first glance, a very different kind of father.

See, Dorothy is getting a wee bit grumpy staying with Danny and the others, to the point where she doesn’t want to actually talk to anybody.  That becomes a problem when some robotic insects show up and start stinging everyone, turning them into robot soldiers for Torminox, the bad guy from Dorothy’s favorite comic book.  Fortunately, his daughter Casey can help!  As Space Case, she has all kinds of powers and has defeated Torminox like 143 times.

She’s also a fictional character, and unlike the Candlemaker, Dorothy didn’t summon her.  But it’s just Dorothy, drag queen Maura Lee, and now Space Case, a woman who doesn’t know what eating is until Dorothy and Maura Lee explain why her stomach feels funny.

Oh man, this is where Jimmy pulls out that page from Secret Wars II where Peter Parker had to tutor the Beyonder on how to go to the bathroom.

Alright, they have a superhero.  Why not get the Doom Patrol too?  You know, besides the fact they are collectively barely competent?  Mostly because Dorothy doesn’t want to.  She doesn’t even want to summon the Candlemaker right away.  Candlemaker is basically unbeatable.  Why not call that guy?

Part of it is because Casey doesn’t understand basic mortality.  She’s killed Torminox plenty of times, but he always comes back somehow.  That won’t work in the real word, something Dorothy understands all too well.  See, Torminox wants her magic necklace, the one that supposedly let her talk to her father from beyond the grave.  And he seems different now.

That may be because it turns out Torminox really wants to be normal and be a good dad again, but that doesn’t come out until after he’s gotten the necklace, something Dorothy hands over after it comes out she didn’t talk to her dad or the Candlemaker or the Dead Boy Detectives because she’s still in mourning and all those people, plus the Doom Patrol and even Danny, remind her of what she lost.

Of course, by then, Torminox actually managed to box up and defeat both Danny and the Candlemaker.  That last one was unexpected.

All this is because of…Immortus!  Who or what is that?  I dunno, but the Doom Patrol (plus Dorothy) keeps losing stuff to this guy.  That can’t be good.  Might want to watch out for more bad guys working for that guy, even if Torminox actually has a sympathetic goal.

You know, for an evil, purple-skinned dictator from a fictional comic book version of outer space.