March 2, 2024

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Killing Eve “Beautiful Monster”

Series Three, Episode Seven

Yeah, I’m really not sure what’s going on at this point.

OK, that’s not entirely true.  I do know what’s going on.  I know that Villanelle got a promotion but it looks more like a title as opposed to anything else.  I know Carolyn suspects a co-worker is working for the Twelve, and she’s right.  I know she may or may not be mourning Kenny.  I don’t quite get what’s going on with Geraldine and Konstantin, but maybe I’m not supposed to.  I know he’s stressed out about his rotten daughter getting locked up in juvie for attempted homicide.  I likewise know Eve figured out where Villanelle (with Dasha) is by using the box the birthday cake came in to track her phone.  I get all that.  There’s nothing in this episode that I found confusing or anything.

By the by, as ugly a stereotype it is in the form of Villanelle’s next target, an American businessman, I can’t say it isn’t a very American sort of character.  Plus, once again, Villanelle’s target seems to somewhat deserve it.  That he lives is mostly because Villanelle opted to hit Dasha with the golf club instead and let the guy go.

No, I mostly mean I have no idea what the point of all this is.  The episode has a few reminders that Kenny died and Carolyn may or may not still be looking into that.  Eve sure isn’t.  But what is this all leading to?  Villanelle quitting the Twelve?  Carolyn finding closure?  Eve finding…anything?

This series has been so unfocused for series three, and I don’t quite know what the ultimate goal is.  Is it Villanelle finding love or happiness?  The series opened with her marrying a Spanish woman, but that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere.  Or it did when Villanelle was lethally disappointed by her long lost family save one or two of them?  Is Eve looking for Villanelle or Kenny’s killer?  I mean, I know the answer to that.  She’s looking for Villanelle while understanding full well that Villanelle didn’t kill Kenny…at least, I think Eve understands that.  I’m not altogether sure.  This whole batch of episodes, as series three has gone on, has just felt like it isn’t really building to anything.

But the thing is, I hadn’t even noticed that right away until I stopped to think about it.  Killing Eve is still an incredibly entertaining show.  Villanelle is often a hoot.  Eve’s general clumsiness is endearing.  Carolyn’s aloofness makes her a fine character to explore when she needs to show some emotion even as she pretends not to have any.  For me, I am asking myself how much this show, or any show, requires a coherent overall plot when the characters are this fun and entertaining.  I mean, there’s a reason I didn’t notice the overall lack of direction right away.  I’m not regretting watching the show right now.  It’s still fun.  I just think it could and should be a whole lot better right now.

Oh well.  Perhaps everything will pick up a bit when I get to the series three finale for next week’s write up.