July 18, 2024

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Hunters “Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.”

Season Two, Episode Three

Oh no!  Sister Harriet betrayed the others!  I am…somehow not the slightest bit shocked.

As I see it, of all the different Hunters, Sister Harriet was always the most dangerous.  Yes, the nun, though I generally suspect she’s not much of a nun in the grand scheme of things, and she wears her habit as a disguise to get people to underestimate her.  However, my recollection of season one tells me that, of all the people Meyer assembled to hunt Nazis, she was the only one who was also working for other people to accomplish those same goals and her loyalty was always questionable.

As such, learning she was working for the mysterious Chava Apfelbaum doesn’t exactly shock me.  She was clearly working with someone else in the previous episode before Jonah and Millie tracked her down.  Why not Chava?

Then again, this episode shows that while Chava captured the other Hunters, she’d like to work with them.  Mostly that’s because of simple numbers.  Chava’s group was once twenty.  Now they’re down to three.  Harriet just so happens to be one of them.  Jonah’s team, meanwhile, is a bit bigger.  Plus, Chava is Jonah’s aunt.

Um, OK.

Can I buy that Jonah’s grandma lost track of the sister she assumed dead and Chava is her?  Sure.  This show is crazy enough as it is.  Can I go along with the idea that Chava was somehow uncomfortable with going back to the family she lost track of once she started killing Nazis?  Again, sure.  Can I believe Jennifer Jason Leigh is old enough to be Jonah’s missing aunt?

That’s where I get a little uncertain.  Leigh is in her early 60s.  Assuming she was in her early 20s when the war ended in 1945 or so, by 1979 her character would be maybe a little older than she actually is.  So, not out of the realm of possibility.  But is she supposed to be a contemporary of Meyer’s?  Because Al Pacino is 20 years older than Leigh.  Quite frankly, he looks older.  Yes, Chava is the younger sister to Jonah’s grandma, but still, there’s a part of me that thinks Leigh looks too young for the role.  I’m glad to see her, to be sure.  She’s having the same level of fun with the often pulpy script as everyone else seems to, and Hunters often is not the sort of show to take completely seriously.

Case in point: the stakeout to get an old assassin at a classy restaurant has Jonah and Chava exchanging barbs about which patron is the Nazi.  The winner will become leader for the combined team.  Who wins?  I’m not sure.  Jonah gets the assassin (an old woman) in the restroom, but Chava had her picked out as well.  All that means is that lousy Hitler can send out younger killers to get the Hunters while Millie can leave a bracelet behind in a hotel room where she, Harriet, and Roxy had to take out some bodyguards.

Plus, Harriet was pretty dismissive of Mindy.  I kinda hope Mindy proves her wrong at some point really soon.

Anyway, Jonah has a new auntie and at least two new teammates.  Now, if he’d stop being something of a jackass, I might like him better.