April 21, 2024

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Doom Patrol “Butt Patrol”

Season Four, Episode Two

Butts.  Were-butts.  Singing and dancing were-butts.  And zombie were-butts.  How can the Doom Patrol handle all this?

Probably poorly.

Yeah, for something that started off looking like a weird throw-away gag on a show full o’ them, there’s the were-butts that may end up destroying the world if the Doom Patrol doesn’t get their act together, and this episode opts to show how the Anthill was handling them over the years until the Doom Patrol, when they came by a couple seasons ago to rescue Larry, ended up letting the things out where they proceeded to run around eating everybody.  The only person there who showed the things any sort of consideration was musical theater enthusiast and linguistics expert Dr. Margaret Yu.  She was brought in to learn to communicate with the hungry little buggers.  She taught them to sing and dance.

But that doesn’t help the Doom Patrol!  What does help is when they all collectively and sheepishly vote to remove Rita from leadership.  She’s upset, but did she really think getting Cliff to swear less and have Jane dress more colorfully would help?

She can yell at Larry.  The others voted Laura the new temporary leader until they see who can do the best job, and since the team knows where that one were-butt lives, they can maybe take him down since he’s probably the prime zombie.  But Laura suggests waiting…then takes Cliff to take care of it because he’s built to break things.  And hey, they do find the guy.  He’s a farmer, refusing to eat brains and cure himself, but he will gladly ask Cliff to kill him.  Cliff doesn’t care for that until Laura yanks his protective bike helmet off.  Then it’s self-defense, and poor Cliff, who wanted his first sensation of touch in years to be his grandson, instead ends up making it zombie brains.

So, that means the butts are handled, right?  And only with some trauma to Cliff, right?

Wrong!  There’s another, and Vic finds that one by tricking the Butt Hunter into thinking he and Jane are his contacts from the Anthill since he had it on ice.

Yeah, there’s a Butt Hunter.  Why wouldn’t there be?

So, that’s the last were-butt, right?

Nope!  Turns out Dr. Yu, who thought the Butts were adorable, took one home with her after the escape, and they seem to be living happily every after.

At least until that one Vic and Jane brought home gets loose since Cliff couldn’t bring himself to kill it.