June 12, 2024

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Doctor Who Classics “Spider-God”

The Doctor and some soldier-types investigate a mystery on a planet with giant spiders.

Hey, Jimmy, you never read these, but look!  A hyphen!

A survey ship lands on a distant planet, set to explore the place, but the Doctor is already there.  The natives seem harmless enough, but they don’t really respond to speech or anything.  They mostly look human.  The only other things of note on the planet are these giant butterflies and just as large spiders.  The natives just seem to eat and lounge around.  But then the natives head off to some caves, lay some offerings out, and then spiders web the natives up like they’re gonna eat ’em.

Well, that’s probably bad, but the Doctor thinks there’s more to what they see than meets the eye.  Unfortunately, by the time he figures it out, the soldiers of the survey ship have shot up the spiders to defend the natives…who hatch from eggs.

Yeah, it turns out the natives were the larva stage for the giant butterflies.  They just couldn’t spin their own cocoons.  They fed the spiders, and the spiders provided the silk.

Like many of these comics, it’s a nice story without much for me to add.