July 23, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Dark Knights Of Steel: Tales From The Three Kingdoms #1 (September, 2022)

Three stories advertised as tales of the three Kryptonians in this medieval fantasy version of the DC Universe.

So, this issue was advertised as a trio of tales to show the childhood of the three Kryptonian children that would have an effect on the world of Dark Knights of Steel.

That is a lie.

Issue:  Dark Knights of Steel: Tales from the Three Kingdoms #1, September 2022

Wrtiers:  Tom Taylor, C.S. Pacat, and Jay Kristoff

Artists:  Caspar Wijngaard, Michele Bandini,  and Sean Izaakse

The Plot:  Three tales about the childhood of the Kryptonian kids.

Commentary:  Yeah, for an issue advertised as something about the youth of the three Kryptonians (of half-Kryptonian in the case of the Bat-Prince), it sure didn’t live up to that for a very simple reason:  this world’s version of Supergirl is barely in it, and her one story is one where she is arguably more of a supporting character.

Anyhoo, the three stories follow the three when they look into the disappearance of orphan Jimmy Olson and some other kids from Arkham Orphanage, one where Harley takes the young adult Kal and Bruce into town for a festival and Bruce ends up meeting and adopting the Robins, and one where a young Bruce is taught how to fight by this universe’s version of Bane.  And that last one?  I totally forgot about it before I sat down to write this up, so draw your own conclusions.

Regardless, this is an anthology, and some of the stories were better than others.  The middle tale had the best artwork while the first had the best story.  Heck, that first one showed what this universe’s Perry White, Jimmy Olson, a bunch of Bat-villains, and maybe even a Suicide Squad might be like in this world.

But it’s still an anthology, and they’re generally hit-or-miss at the best of times.

Grade:  C+