February 23, 2024

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Doctor Who Classics “War Of The Words”

The Doctor stops to defend a library planet from two warring factions.

Well, this looks like it may be the last week of these stories.  Barring my getting my hands on more Big Finish stories, I’ll have a new noontime feature for days when I don’t have new Simpsons pr future Doctor Who episodes by this time next week.

That one probably won’t be running forever.

Here’s a simple one:  the Doctor (with K9) finds an intergallactic war being fought over a lonely planet.  He takes the TARDIS down to the surface to find it’s a planet-sized library staffed by robots.  The library has information on everything anyone could possibly know with one noteworthy exception:  they have no information on weapons.

The downside is both factions are fighting to get ahold of information on a superweapon to end the war.  Neither side is willing to listen to the idea that the library doesn’t have any, and every so often a ship crash-lands on the planet and takes out old information silos.  Can the Doctor stop a war?

Easily.  He has to sabotage his robot guide at one point to get a little information on the planet’s layout, but he does patch into both armies’ comm system, tells them he’s a warlord who got the weapon information, and then has K9 blow up an empty building, claiming that’s where the information was.  Sure enough, both armies fly off to fight elsewhere.  Or not,  It doesn’t much matter.  The Doctor saved the library.

Say, is that the same library River Song met the 10th Doctor in and later died?  Eh, probably not.