May 23, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: The Swamp Thing #2 (April, 2021)

Levi Kamei picks up a few new tricks as the latest Swamp Thing.

Alright, two issues into this new Swamp Thing mini-series, introducing a brand new Swamp Thing, and the mystery deepens a little.

That’s in a good way.

Issue:  The Swamp Thing #2, April 2021

Writer:  Ram V

Artist:  Mike Perkins

The Plot:  Levi picks up some new tricks as the newest Swamp Thing.

Commentary:  If I had thought for a moment that the Pale Wanderer, an undead prospector who tore apart any person who happened to wander into his patch of the American desert, would be gentle and peaceful, well, I would have been pretty dumb.  The character is not much of a mentor, mostly forcing the newest Swamp Thing to watch helplessly while he tears poor innocent victims apart right in front of the newest Protector of the Green.  Still, the issue doesn’t quite explain what happened to Levi, but it doesn’t quite explain what the Pale Wanderer really is either.  That’s fine.  The Wanderer is a monster.  That’s enough.

I mean, though the actual deaths aren’t shown, a two-page spread with appropriately gloomy artwork shows the victims as described by the caption boxes presumably from seconds before the Wanderer found them, and they were a drunk, a lost young migrant woman, and a young boy scout camping alone.  It’s nice of DC to remember that Swamp Thing is a horror character, so yes, a kid shouldn’t be any safer than anyone else.  At the same time, it’s a nice thing that they didn’t bother to show those deaths.

However, as a teacher, the Wanderer leaves a lot to be desired, and I think it’s safe to assume two things.  The first is he may not even be trying to teach the new Swamp Thing.  The second is he doesn’t really know what he himself is or what the Swamp Thing is.

And this particular Swamp Thing is very connected to the plant life of India in how he uses his powers.  I’m looking forward to learning more.

Especially since this issue ends with two individuals looking into Levi.  Alec Holland is a known factor for these people.  They may know more about being Swamp Thing than Levi does, but only one of them might make a good ally.

Good stuff here.

Grade:  B+