April 21, 2024

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Doctor Who Classics “Culture Shock”

The Seventh Doctor has a crisis of faith.

OK, here’s an interesting one for this volume:  it’s the only story to feature the Seventh Doctor, and it’s the only one with artwork by Bryan Hitch.

Hitch?  He’s great!  The art here?  Well…not as good as what I have come to expect of Mr. Hitch, but it’s also pretty good in its own right.

Honestly, this one is a quick single-parter.  The Doctor lands somewhere and exits the TARDIS in a very depressed mood.  But then he hears a telepathic voice:  a sentient cell culture inside a dying animal is itself being killed by a viral infection.  They need help.  The Doctor manages to do so with a hypodermic full of some kind of medication, allowing the dying animal to, I think, die of natural causes in a nearby body of water, allowing the grateful cells to spread out in said body of water like they are supposed to.  The Doctor feels better and gets back in the TARDIS, determined to do more good work and…that’s it really.

This may be the most Grant Morrison-ish story in the batch.

And that is about all I have to say about that.