May 26, 2024

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Titans “Brother Blood”

Season Four, Episode Six

Well, I got to the midseason finale and then learned this series will not be renewed for season five, as will the far superior Doom Patrol.  I’ll probably comment more on that when I do the Doom Patrol write-up by the end of the week.

Besides, I like Doom Patrol a hell of a lot more than I like Titans.

I mean, why would I not find Titans at least mildly frustrating?  Conner shaves his head (with heat vision) to be more like his father Lex Luthor.  You know, the guy he knew for something like five minutes.  That means Conner is now evil or something, by turns brilliant and a total dumbass.

Mostly because what started off as a rescue mission to get Sebastian back ends up being one that requires getting both Conner and Sebastian back, and if the Titans weren’t superheroes, I’d be seriously wondering why they should even bother.  Conner is being a jackass to everyone, and Sebastian is just kinda creepy.  I mean, sure, there’s some kind of doomsday prophecy surrounding the whole thing, but why should anyone be surprised if he turns out to be this evil Brother Blood character?

Still not sure what these people are trying to accomplish.  Trigon wanted a girl.  Besides, on top of all that, I’m not even sure they need Brother Blood since his mama seems capable to taking on the Titans all by herself.

I mean, she shrugs off a spell from Jinx and possibly killed her.  I quite frankly wouldn’t be surprised either way at this point.

So, Conner has good plans that can slow things down because magic has rules that science can exploit, but he’s all gung-ho to get revenge for the death of the supervillain father he barely knew.  The other Titans go in, and Sebastian decides maybe being Brother Blood isn’t so bad a thing, doing something that seems to wipe the heroes from existence, except for possibly Gar and Krypto.  Krypto, the most awesome character on the show, had stayed behind while Gar finally morphed into a big animal that was not a tiger and attacked a lot of dumb cultists as a gorilla.  He might also have escaped into the Red.

And…that more or less sums up how I often feel about Titans as a whole:  cool stuff that may appeal to DC fans but that often doesn’t work on the show due to the budget and the fact these characters often seem kinda dumb.  Sure, Rachel got her powers back and a cool white hoodie look, and the others do mostly smack cultists around, but the bottom line is this just really isn’t all that often good television.

And that’s it for now.  I have no idea when the back half of the season is coming out, but in the meantime, I do need something else.  Fortunately, Amazon Prime brought Hunters back for its second and final season.


I hope that one goes out in the same sort of batspit insane manner it started in, but then again, the real batspit insanity will be covered for the next few Fridays around here.