February 21, 2024

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Doctor Who Classics “Dreamer Of Death”

The Doctor visits friends with some deadly dreams.

Well…so much for Sharon.

So, I have said in some of my recent write-ups for this comic collection how the temporary companion Sharon is a bit of a problem.  Namely, she boarded the TARDIS as a child, got aged up to adulthood, and now she isn’t sure she wants to go home.  There’s no mention at all about, say, the girl’s parents who might want to know what happened to their daughter who, as far as they know, just disappeared one day after school since she was in her school uniform at the time.  What are they gonna do?  Ask her friend Fudge?  The kid who has a name like he’s some kind of fat kid but isn’t a fat kid?

Anyway, Sharon’s time on the TARDIS comes to an end here.  The Doctor takes her to visit from friends on an agricultural planet where, it turns out, dreaming has replaced TV since they found a seemingly friendly telepathic species that allows professional dreamers to take folks on a mental vacation of a sort, the sort that are basically like a holodeck adventure only through a dream.  But it turns out the friendly species isn’t so friendly and just wants to suck up all the energy they can, starting with mental energy, but they aren’t picky.  Plus, they picked up from the dreamers’ subconscious that people fear the devil the most.

The devil?  Really?  I suppose.

Anyway, the Doctor, with an assist from K9, does manage to defeat the no-longer-friendly species, and Sharon opts to stay behind with this former dreamer she befriended because they’re now in love or something.  And the Doctor lets her do that because he doesn’t seem to think she needs to find her parents either.

I suppose it isn’t that different from how Leela stopped hanging with the Doctor after meeting a guy on Gallifrey, but at least here the story showed Sharon and her new guy flirting with each other and bit, so it works…you know, until you remember Sharon probably has a family that did the English equivalent of the thing where Americans put the pictures of missing kids on the side of a milk carton.  Did the English do something like that too?  I have no idea.  All I know is no one showed much consideration to Sharon’s family at any time during this whole period, and that just seems wrong.

Anyway, the next three stories have a writer who went on to bigger things but wrote about different Doctors.