April 14, 2024

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Doctor Who Classics “The Collector”

The Doctor made a big mistake with an alien anthropologist and his robot assistant. Can he fix things?

Huh.  Most of these stories are these multi-part tales told over a space of at least four parts aside from that one where the Doctor regressed through his previous incarnations.  This one is a single part, and it’s not by a guest creative team or anything.  How odd.

The Doctor finally gets Sharon home, but she isn’t sure she wants to be there since she’s an adult now.  I mean, sure.  Why should she show some concern for her parents who may be wondering what happened to her or something?  She was a schoolgirl when this whole thing started even if she is at least physically an adult now.

But never mind that.  Some kind of teleportation beam zaps the TARDIS onto an asteroid inside an alien ship that looks like a large house.  The Doctor manages to get himself, Sharon, and K9 out of a locked room, but stepping into other locked rooms shows Sharon and the Doctor suddenly dressed differently, speaking a different language (or so we’re told, it’s not like the last story explained how the Doctor and Sharon understood Chinese), and some hostile people from other time periods wondering where these two strangers came from.

The answer is one Varan Tak, an alien anthropologist whose ship broke down.  He has a long lifespan, a robot assistant built to look kinda female, and he’s waiting for a rescue, but he’s been trapped on this ship for so long and studying his captured specimens.  The Doctor says he can get the generally bored but benevolent Tak off the ship by repairing the teleportation system to allow him to leave if he’ll stop kidnapping people.

Will the Doctor take the people he’s already taken home?  Um, no.  Apparently he will not.  Or if he will, no one says anything about it one way or the other.  Regardless, the Doctor tries to teleport Tak somewhere else, but the system breaks and Tak dies.

Oh, and that robot was apparently in love with Tak, and she’s furious enough to disassemble K9 in front of the Doctor.  What can the Doctor do?

Um, he can go back in time about three minutes and stop himself from trying to teleport Tak.  K9 and Tak live.  Tak and the robot will I guess get closer.  And the extra Doctor and Sharon will both just fade from existence.  No harm, no foul.  You know, if you aren’t one of those kidnapped folks who don’t know they’ve been kidnapped.

Hey, I coulda sworn crossing your own timeline was always a bad idea.

Oh, like Doctor Who stories don’t just make up stuff as they go along anyway…