May 20, 2024

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Better Call Saul “Fell”

Season Three, Episode Nine

Well…that sure looks a like like the Saul Goodman the fans knew.

See, Jimmy wants his share of the Sandpiper settlement.  HHM is not pushing it, hoping to get more money out of the company, but Jimmy, he needs the money.  He’s running on financial fumes right about now, and while Howard accuses Jimmy of greed, it really isn’t hard to see that Jimmy, deprived of his primary source of income, needs to pay the bills.  Kim is burning the candle at both ends, ending the episode by falling asleep at the wheel of her car and getting into an accident on her way to help a second high pressure client.

Why would Howard assume Jimmy is being greedy?  I mean, Chuck would probably assume as much.  Chuck also probably poisoned Jimmy in Howard’s mind.  I get that, but Howard always seemed to be more inclined to have a decent view of Jimmy.  Then again, that might have been from before Jimmy pulled that con on Chuck at the bar hearing.  Plus, is it really too much of a stretch for Howard to assume (correctly) that Jimmy had something to do with Chuck’s malpractice insurance problems?

The point is, I expect Jimmy to hustle, but up until now, Jimmy has at least made it a habit to hustle people who maybe deserve it.  The jerk supervising his community service and the music store brothers who went back on a deal, they had something coming even if Jimmy is perhaps getting far more out of whatever he does than he perhaps deserves.

But Irene?  The sweet little old lady that Jimmy initially represented in the Sandpiper case?  All in a scheme to get her to agree to the settlement so Jimmy can continue to pay the freakin’ bills?  A free pair of sneakers and some weighted bingo balls is clever and all, but the issue here is Irene is sweet, and the way for Jimmy to do that is to basically turn all of Irene’s friends against her.

So, to get what he wanted, Jimmy had to turn a bunch of sweet old ladies against each other.

That…that just ain’t cool.  I know Jimmy can go low, but this seems to be particularly low even for him.

Then again, this is a show about the evolution of a guy from sketchy con man to drug kingpin’s personal attorney with a lot of sleazy stops along the way.  He’s got to do some awful things.  The trick will be if he recognizes his awfulness and tries to make amends in some way.