February 9, 2023

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Killing Eve “Meetings Have Biscuits”

Series Three, Episode Three

Geraldine showed a bit of clever sass in this episode.  She is definitely her mother’s daughter even if she is no more successful than anyone else at getting her mom to maybe show a little mourning.

So, I had this thought as I was watching this episode, and it is one that made me pause:  now that I am about halfway through this delightfully batspit insane series, is it starting to get a wee bit predictable?

To be fair, I am pretty confident that most characters who spend time with Villanelle are going to end up dead or seriously injured unless they have some plot armor.  And as much as the show can be dark at times, it’s also darkly funny.  Take the first kill in this episode:  disguised as a piano tuner, Villanelle murders a woman with a piece of said piano, but then confronts a housekeeper trying to shush an infant.  Well, that “no witnesses” thing must count for the housekeeper, but the baby?

OK, the baby doesn’t die.  Villanelle takes it with her because she senses, well, something.  Dasha, annoyed at the infant, will carry it off and drop it in a trash can outside a busy cafe.  Background sounds tell the audience the baby is discovered, and she’s returned to her father by episode’s end according to the news.  Basically, as dark as this show can get, it won’t kill a baby.

That actually makes this show a little less dark than the Fantastic Beasts movies now that I think about it.

And yes, I was amused to see Villanelle in the British equivalent of the Build-a-Bear Workshop, confused and surrounded by screaming kids before she finds the booth to record a message in a bear, and she must live in a universe where no one checks those things since she starts off with some generic threats to Eve before settling on a more innocent-sounding message to anyone that doesn’t know who Villanelle is.

But because Villanelle is in England, and even has a confrontation with Eve on a bus that no one even tries to stop possibly because the English believe it is rude to stare, Eve assumes (correctly) that Villanelle is there to kill someone.  By this point, Eve has discovered what Kenny was investigating when he died, namely the sudden use of a dead Chinese diplomat’s bank account, and that was a guy Villanelle took out way back in Series One.  It stands to reason that Villanelle is there to take down someone else who knows too much about that money transfer.  It could even be Carolyn, using her feminine wiles and old boyfriends to get information!

Or it could Charles Kruger, a former Russian agent who may have been the Twelve’s accountant.  Or he was until Villanelle shot him in the head in the back of Carolyn’s car, past Carolyn by inches.  I mean, it had to be this guy.  Some dude I’d never seen before, admitting to what he did to Konstantin and then going on about his son’s upcoming graduation from a dance academy?  He was an old man with something to look forward to.  He might as well just booked tickets for a round-the-world cruise with the missus to start two weeks after his own impending retirement.  Quite frankly, I expect better of Killing Eve than that.

Oh, it was still entertaining, but I still expect better.

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