February 27, 2024

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Doctor Who Classics “Doctor Who And The Time Witch”

The Doctor takes on the criminal Brimo in the Blank Dimension.

Writer Steve Moore took over the Doctor Who strips from here.  I had to look that guy up.  He was actually Alan Moore’s mentor, and they weren’t related.  But just googling “Steve Moore” led to some, let’s say, interesting bits of information.  I had to be specific that I wanted the comic book writer.

Dave Gibbons is still on the artwork.

As it is, this time around the Doctor is taking on the viscous criminal Brimo.  I have no idea what crimes Brimo committed.  They were just bad, so bad that an ancient civilization locked her in a transparent prison where time would cease to work for her, but she’d still be able to see time passing outside.  She’s never age or need food or anything.  She’d just be stuck in there for all eternity.

That means even the planet she’s on would eventually turn to dust all around her, and she still couldn’t get out.  Eventually, her prison drifted towards a black hole, and once there, fell into the Blank Dimension, shattering her prison and allowing her to use the power of her own thoughts to construct reality around her since there really wasn’t anything there beforehand.

And then the Doctor gets involved.  Trying (and failing) to get young Sharon home, the TARDIS falls into the Blank Dimension, or half of it does.  The Doctor uses his half to plug the hole.  K9, on the other side, can’t be of any help, but he still has Sharon to do…something.

Regardless, the Doctor knows where they are and can just as easily mold reality to his whims as Brimo.  He’s just more interested in making the guardian of the dimension that Brimo just created, a big brute who doesn’t even know what he’s supposed to do since he’s just a figment of someone’s imagination, get himself and Sharon a nice cup of tea.  Apparently, the Doctor needs to stop Brimo because her warping of the Blank Dimension can and will effect time and space in the real world, so she’ll need to be stopped.

That turns out to be easy as the Doctor keeps thinking up ways to stop her death traps until he tricks her into thinking of the worst punishment she could think of…namely her old cell.  And she’s back inside of it.  Now the Doctor can leave her there and…I still don’t quite know what she did to deserve all that.  And now she’s in an endless white void?  At least before she could watch the universe do stuff around her.  This time it seems more cruel.

Also, in the process of reuniting the two halves of the TARDIS, the Doctor and Sharon each aged about four years.  For the Doctor?  No big deal.  For the schoolgirl from Earth?  Well, she’s an adult now.

I hope her parents aren’t wondering what happened to her…