February 1, 2023

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The Midnight Club “The Eternal Enemy”

Episode Nine

Well, this may be the first time in a while I was more invested in the main story than the told story.

The told story wasn’t bad either.  Spencer has a story about a VCR that can record the future, and a college student uses it to first win sports bets, then to save some lives when the local news reports some nasty accidents.  Sure, some robed figure there makes this look like it could be a Final Destination rip off, but it’s actually more of a Terminator rip off especially when Spencer’s main character rips the skin off his hand and finds a robot hand because he’s a time traveling cyborg, and he just didn’t know it.

I hate when that happens to me.

But the main plot show Ilonka being really stupid.  She’s a teenager, so it’s allowed, but she still thinks she’s the one who was cured and it was the ritual, but no, it was Sandra, and the doctors discovered they made a misdiagnosis before the ritual happened.  Also, some of the supernatural stuff that doesn’t involve old ghosts had some mundane explanations.  Kevin believes Ilonka.  No one else does.  Why should they?  In a house for dying teenagers, the ghosts on-hand are elderly?  That doesn’t make sense, and I am glad the series went that route.  These kids were too quick to believe Ilonka all the time up until now anyway, and the Sandra plotline looks interesting as yes, she’s going to live, but she also has to leave her friends behind and they won’t.

However, Ilonka is still being stupid, so she goes to Shasta’s, and Shasta wants Ilonka to let her sneak in with some disciples and try the ritual again.  Apparently, Dr. Stanton never lets Shasta inside, even though Shasta is the miraculously cured Julia Jayne.

Why are you trusting someone who only just now gave you her real name, Ilonka?

Teenagers can be kinda dumb sometimes.

Anyhoo, sure, Ilonka will let Shasta and two followers into the secret room in the basement.  Say, why does the ritual seem different?  And why does Shasta want Ilonka to drink some mystery drink?  That seems wrong.

Especially when the other two who did drink the drink keel over puking not long after Dr. Stanton showed up.  Maybe Ilonka will learn a harsh lesson about trusting weird hippie women who always show up at the exact right moment to cause trouble.

She better.  There’s only one episode left.  I may be kinda glad when it is.

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