February 8, 2023

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Doctor Who Classics “Timeslip”

A time predator causes the Doctor to revert to a previous incarnation.

Well, this is a short one, and the regular creative team for the stories was replaced by two guys named Dez Skinn and Paul Neary.  I don’t think I am familiar with this work.  Then again, this is a two chapter story and the only one to feature the First Doctor from the looks of things.

Sort of.

See, the Fourth Doctor and K9 are riding around in the TARDIS when it materializes suddenly inside, what the dialogue boxes say, is a time eater.  It’s a green blob that eats time, and everything inside the TARDIS starts going backwards.  K9’s saying things in reverse, then he’s disassembled, and then he’s a puddle of raw metal.  The Doctor, as a Time Lord, finds his mind is immune even if the TARDIS itself isn’t, but his body isn’t, and he soon goes back through previous incarnations, changing to the Third, Second, and finally the First Doctor.  He needs to act fast or else the TARDIS will cease to exist just as K9 did.

So…the Doctor turns the TARDIS off and then on again.

No, seriously.

He does that multiple times, and each time he does, the green space blob shrinks a little more.  Time resumes course, the Doctor accidentally steps on the creature once it is a very small puddle, and K9 has no idea what happened.  The end.

Told you it was a short one.

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