February 8, 2023

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Jack Ryan “Falcon”

Season Three, Episode One

Hey, here’s a show that hasn’t been around for a while.  I don’t know if that was due to the pandemic or John Krasinski’s personal schedule or what, but it has been a while.

So, what’s the plot for this season?


So, apparently, Jack is more or less on his own for this season because some old school Russian loyalists have some kind of plan that will, in seven days, reunite the old Soviet Union, starting with an assassination and ending with a nuclear explosion somewhere with some kind of new nuke.  There’s some good actions sequences in here–another reason, I suspect, that it took this show so long to come back–and that assassination does happen.  However, since Jack has been accused of the murder of a Greek policeman, and since the Russian scientist he found that could collaborate his story turned up dead, he’s basically on his own because his current supervisor didn’t think there was enough there to justify further CIA intervention.

Plus, since his sorta buddy, sorta superior Greer told him to go rogue, Jack went rogue.

Now, I know for a fact that the storytelling process to put together these eight episodes of Jack Ryan were probably done over a period of months if not years.  And the plot itself is probably not a simple one.  If it were, well, I suspect the audience at home would be pretty disappointed.  Factoring in as well the filming, editing, and all the other fun stuff, and I would suspect this show was probably being put together at least last year, and again, it depended greatly on Krasinski’s schedule since he seems to be a guy who keeps busy.

Plus, yes, a show like Jack Ryan would probably try to stick to threats that would look familiar to anyone who has been watching the news and knowing, roughly, what countries are America’s current rivals and enemies.  So Russia makes sense.

But for a plot line of reuniting the old Soviet Union…isn’t it something of bad timing to do that after the Russian invasion of Ukraine last spring?  That war is still going on, and the best guess anyone has as to why it happened is Vladimir Putin wanted to bring all the territory that used to be Russia back into the fold, so to speak.  True, Putin’s more publicly stated goals changed in the wake of successful Ukrainian resistance, and I am in no way equipped to comment on what’s going on over there.  All I am saying is the timing for this particular storyline to play out is arguably either too timely or just maybe not the best idea to have for a TV plot line when actual shooting is going on now between Russia and a former portion of the Soviet Union in a war where the primary motive for Russia is believed to be a desire to bring more of the countries that used to be the Soviet Union under more control, direct or indirect, for Moscow.

I think I am going to enjoy this season, but that will be playing in the back of my head depending on how all this goes down.

But hey, at least there’s a good reason why Jack isn’t spending time with Cathy this season, what with her being his wife in the novels and movies and all.

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