February 8, 2023

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Doctor Who “Conflict Theory”

Well, I never would have thought the Doctor and any companion would end up in couple’s therapy, but here I am.

That’s more or less what happened.  The Doctor and Peri find themselves on the cigar-shaped ship of the robotic Freudians.  Yes, a bunch of robotic Sigmund Freuds.  Yes, there are a lot of Freud jokes in this one.  However, the Doctor and Peri had been arguing quite a bit on how to stop the seemingly unstoppable Complex, a bunch of robotic jerks who seem to go around blowing up the cultural achievements of other civilizations.  The Doctor and Peri managed to shoot down one of their ships, but a (male) librarian named Dodo got killed in the process, and the Doctor’s efforts to keep Peri safe afterwards cause the TARDIS to dump the pair in the Freudian ship.

Separate therapy sessions suggest the Doctor has a pattern for his companions.  Some, like his granddaughter Susan and most of the First Doctor companions, were people in trouble that needed help.  Others, starting with another First Doctor companion, just kinda show up and the Doctor tends to push them away.  That would include the likes of Sarah Jane, Peri, and…Dodo Chaplet.

Was there ever a companion who got less fanfare than Dodo Chaplet?  She just disappeared in the middle of a storyline and only got a reference at the end to say she was OK and not traveling with the Doctor anymore.  Yes, Dodo wasn’t hurt or killed, but the death of this other Dodo, according to the Freuds, had an effect on the Doctor that could only be tempered by the Doctor letting Peri die on a Complex ship.  The Rorschach cloud monster took her there.  Man, the Doctor seems callous and Peri seems upset…

You know, until the Freuds cut off the communication and Peri snaps into business mode.  See, the Freuds couldn’t be lied to, so everything the Doctor and Peri told the Freuds was more or less true.  They just changed some minor details to get Peri on that ship because it turned out the Complex were a bunch of robots with an inferiority complex that had all kinds of issues.  The Freuds set them up, and they were insecure enough that Peri could easily talk them into leaving her alone and more or less bringing them down from the inside.  Heck, the male Dodo wasn’t dead.  In fact, his name was Milo.

See, the Doctor’s had so many adventures with and without Peri that it wasn’t that hard to mix and match the stories to get the Freuds to react the way the Doctor wanted them to.  Turns out the Complex was their doing as a sort of psychological experiment.

So, once again, the Doctor and Peri save the day.  Man, these were fun.

But now I really am out of Big Finish audio stories.  True, I have some sitting in an online shopping cart to purchase later, but for now, I don’t have any more.  Does that mean I am moving on to something else with the occasional  Simpsons or Doctor Who write-up coming as new material pops up?  Well, not right now.  I do have one last bit of Doctor Who stuff.  That’s coming up next time.

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