February 9, 2023

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Titans “Super Super Mart”

Season Four, Episode Four

I have, more than once, said that at as often as I find the dramatic stuff on Titans decidedly subpar, at least the show has good fight choreography.

After this episode, I am not so sure.

The set-up:  the Titans rescued poor schmuck Sebastian Sanger from that weird cult, and it turns out said cult is connected to Trigon.  Yes, it’s the cult of Trigon, AKA the Organization.

Did I know the cult went by that name before?  Because as cult names go, that isn’t all that intimidating.    Use that name, for say, a secret spy ring or covert government types and it works.  Cult?  Nah!

The long and the short of it is Sanger’s mother, possibly that May Bennett, was a member that did a lot of cult-y things like dress identically to other women, vie for Trigon’s favor, and offer herself up as the mother a prophesized child that was probably supposed to be Rachel but turned out to be Sanger.  And given what kind of guy Sanger appears to be, I’d be disappointed too.  He just sits around moping by himself and designing games no one wants to play while talking to taxidermized animals.  He’s like Norman Bates without the motel.

But since Trigon or his cult is involved again, that means going back to the spot of the asylum where Rachel’s mother was being held.  Hey, I may not remember the Organization (or more accurately its name), but I do remember that place.  It burned down!

Now there’s a supermarket there?

I would love to know how the building permit got approved.  The locals must have just been glad that anybody wanted to build something at that location.  Then again, I am also wondering how much time has passed in-universe to build a large supermarket at the location of a former large mental hospital that burned down.

The bottom line is the Titans find the place and, like the Scooby Doo gang, opt to check the basement.  Bennett is listening in and sends out an army of zombies.  And here’s where the fight choreography went bad.  See, a couple at a time this show could handle?  A fast zombie horde where they might not have even appeared dead if Jinx hadn’t said they were is another story.  And sure, Jinx says that taking the heads off will kill them permanently, but that just means on Titan manages to wrestle a chainsaw from a zombie and takes off exactly one head.  And the time it took to do that was too long.

Doesn’t Connor have heat vision he can use in a case like this?  I would imagine burning a few heads off is much faster.

Regardless, even though Connor is more or less immune to whatever the zombies do, it takes Dick a long time to tell Connor to take them all on at once, and even longer for Jinx to remember she has a spell that can freeze them in place for a few minutes, long enough for everyone to flee.  Or they can try to before Zombie Deathstroke shows up.  Oh, and while Connor can’t be hurt by his guns, his knife is a different story.

Heat vision, Connor.  Start with the heat vision, you dumbass.

Though, to be fair, Connor did take Deathstroke’s head off.  He just put it back on again.

Regardless, the Titans get away and know that they need to keep Sanger away from the cult until daybreak to prevent bad things from happening.  Now, it’s a magical threat with a horde of zombies.  They have an anti-magic stronghold somewhere?  No?  Where do they go?  STAR Labs?  Really?

Man, even if Connor wasn’t vomiting blood snakes, I wouldn’t like their chances anyway.

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