April 24, 2024

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Noteworthy Issues: Daredevil #19 (March, 2020)

The Stormwyn siblings respond to Daredevil's interference in a way that will only make things worse.

OK, I wish I remembered to get back to this series a little sooner.  That way a plot point from earlier in this run would have been less of s surprise to me.

Actually, it was a pleasant surprise, so I may have been better off.

Issue:  Daredevil #19, March 2020

Writer:  Chip Zdarsky

Artist:  Marco Checchetto

The Plot:  A fight with billionaires will eventually involve mercenaries apparently.

Commentary:  The Stromwyns are a a pair of siblings, apparently the richest people on Earth in the Marvel Universe, and they’ve set their eyes on Hell’s Kitchen.  Devalue the property and buy it up cheap sort of thing.  Matt Murdock won’t sit for that sort of thing, and after he and Detective North defied the Stromwyn’s orders (through Mayor Fisk) to not get involved in a kidnapping, those two rich jerks decide to up the ante with some mercenaries.

Oh, and these are superhuman mercenaries.  Among them are Bullseye, Crossbones, and the Rhino.

Rhino doesn’t seem fair.  I figure Matt could take the others OK, but the guy who tussles with the Hulk seems to be another story, but he likewise isn’t trying to hurt people as much as the others, so maybe he can just be reasoned with.

However, one thing Zdarsky’s run has been doing is looking at the effect Matt Murdock’s Daredevil persona has had on the people of Hell’s Kitchen.  Even if he’s not putting on the red suit and fighting crime, he’s still an inspiration.  Lots of people got dressed up as Daredevil and tried to fight crime on their own during his absence, ordinary people with little to no training, just a Daredevil mask and a desire to help people the same way the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen used to.  And even though Matt is not as retired as he used to be, he’s also not in the neighborhood right away, so that just means a whole lot of Daredevils show up to try and stop those guys.

These guys are no match for costumed criminals like this, and Bullseye has a little sport with one, but there may be one other person there to tip the odds in Matt’s favor.  Or not.  You can never tell with Typhoid Mary.

Oh this is so good.

Grade:  A-