April 19, 2024

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Titans “Jinx”

Season Four, Episode Three

So apparently, if Rachel gets her powers sucked out of her, her hair turns white and she loses the weird gemstone on her forehead.  This being an HBO Max series, it feels like she’s a secret Targaryen.

She isn’t because the closest Titans would get to that sort of thing would be casting a Game of Thrones actor as Bruce Wayne.

OK, this being three episodes in, I am starting to get a feel for the season.  There’s magic involved, and that May Bennett woman has eyebrows sometimes and sometimes she doesn’t, but she really wants the creepy oddball from the taxidermy shop for some reason that isn’t clear now but theoretically should be in the future.

I mean, does Titans ever explain things in a manner I find dramatically satisfying?  I think I watch this show mostly to dunk on it at this point, but at least it’s consistent in its quality.

However, even as Rachel and Gar go on a spirit quest and Connor takes Tim off to learn how to use a bo staff at STAR Labs because of course STAR Labs would do that sort of thing, it occurs to me that I am not sure if secret identities is a thing in this universe or not.  See, the main plot has Dick and Kory headed off to retrieve a detained former contact of Dick’s, the pink-haired, magically inclined Jinx.

Jinx might be bland or she might be annoying.  I haven’t decided yet.  What she is in the meantime is someone who Dick knows that knows magic.  She’s locked up in Bludhaven’s Petitionary, and I just gotta know:  does everyone there know Dick is Nightwing or Robin?  Jinx seems to know.  Likewise, the prison doesn’t seem to question Dick’s taking Jinx out of jail.  He’s not in-costume.  Neither is Kory, though she seems to be less of a secret identity person anyway since she doesn’t exactly cover her face up or anything.

Meanwhile, all the STAR Labs people knew the Titans when they walked in, again not in-costume, and they get their tests done and whatnot.  I mean, some of those guys have secret identities, right?  Dick and Tim theoretically should if nothing else.

But Luthor also knew Clark Kent was Superman…

I mean, this is what I think about in an episode where Jinx pulls a con, Dick punches a bunch of elves, Kory spends time as a statue, and Gar and Rachel visit a spirit tree.  Also, the villain chants the same chant Raven used on the animated Teen Titans for some reason, but I have never been completely clear how seriously I should take this show.  Is it camp?  I don’t know.