May 27, 2024

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Masterful Disc Two

The different facets of the Master start to come together, but they're no closer to figuring out what's killing everything than they were before.

Well, I may still not be able to tell the different versions of the Master apart just by their voices–a number of them sound very similar–but that doesn’t mean they aren’t all screwed by whatever is going wrong.

For this second disc, the middle part, it seems that the different versions of the Master are starting to pair off…except for Missy.  She’s sitting with Jo Grant.  Oh, and the other-dimensional Master has Kamelion.  But the bottom line seems to be not a single solitary one of them is in a good position except for perhaps the Deep Fried Master, given his face back and finding something like love with lone hermit Kitty even as the entropy wave seems to be engulfing, oh, everything.

Oh, and the American Master shows up at Kitty’s place and won’t go away.

Meanwhile, the War Master is setting up idiots to ram a forcefield and kill themselves, but when the John Saxon Master shows up, there’s some bickering because Saxon did try to have the War Master (and the others) killed even though they’re all previous incarnations of Saxon, a fact that makes me think these guys don’t fear paradox as well as they should.  Saxon also thinks he can control the entropy wave.  He really can’t, but the Master as a character never realizes such things until it is too late.

The other dimensional Master thinks he can watch the wave from a safe distance.  He can’t.

The Master who ended the classic run, he’s realizing the stowaways won’t last 65 years on a diet of one increasingly smaller cracker a day, but the Young Master who never left Gallifrey is the captain of that escape ship now.  Young Master says they don’t have enough fuel for the journey they are supposed to take.

Oh, and the Wave is closing in.

And during all this, Jo is trying to appeal to Missy’s good side.  That only works but so well.  The Master Jo knows may have a “good” side, but this version of Missy, made crazy by Saxon’s antics, just has a crazy side.  I mean, Missy thinks Jo is the Doctor in disguise until she can’t find a zipper on Jo’s face.  Maybe a trip to the library will help.  Not really.  There’s a whole wing in there on books written in tribute to the Master, and Jo’s assumption that the Master’s victory is a hollow one, well, Missy doesn’t think so.

But through it all, there’s that wave eating everything and everyone in its path, chasing down all the Masters, and generally seeming unstoppable.

This is why the Master should never win apparently.