May 22, 2024

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Titans “Mother Mayhem”

Season Four, Episode Two.

So, for a minute there, I actively wondered if Titans would be the sort of show that would kill a child.  I didn’t think so, but it sure looked like that was a possibility in the cold open.

Granted, the kid turned out to be fine, and it even gave Brenton Thwaites, an actor I often find rather wooden, a nice scene when he goes to comfort the girl after she’s been rescued and the magical curse put on her by that bird-masked man removed.  Because yes, that bird-masked man was running around and made a convenient scapegoat for Conner, himself a convenient scapegoat for Lex Luthor’s weird murder.  Yeah, I suppose Luthor would have some video surveillance, but that wouldn’t be very helpful if you want to lock Conner in a cell with no walls and zero privacy.

It’s a kryptonite thing.  Don’t ask me how he’s supposed to sleep or use the bathroom.  I mean, I assume Conner does those things.

Now, Titans has often had some, shall we say, problematic build-ups to bad guys, but right now, well, I don’t know what to make of all this.  There’s that taxidermy guy, trying to sell a video game that fosters cooperation instead of competition, and the game company isn’t interested because they don’t know of any community-building games.  Now, I’m no gamer, but I am pretty sure such games do exist.  But what do I know?  I don’t see the Shark Tank wannabes dripping with blood when I pitch my nonexistent games.

But hey, the Titans defeat the bird-masked man, rescue some men from having their blood drained, and help a kid.  All that just means Conner wants to leave Metropolis forever.  Sure, Superman lives there and Conner still wants to meet him, but I guess the cops’ having a cell ready to hold a Kryptonian with no privacy will sour a person to a city.

So will weird women that used to work for Lex Luthor who seems to have a magic staff can block the Titans’ bus on the highway.  Can the Titans take her?

Um, no.  I mean, Rachel and Gar both seemed to sense something was wrong, but Tim is kinda useless.  Conner is vulnerable to magic, so he got swatted away easily enough.  Rachel should have done better, but instead seemed to get her powers sucked out of her.  Nigthtwing took some swings before the woman remembered she had magical powers.  Tim is still useless.  Gar doesn’t get much past growing some fangs.  Good thing Kori is there because she can actually hit back hard enough to make that woman go away.

Oh, and she has a cult.  And taxidermy guy can hear them chanting without actually being there.

Yeah, I don’t know what to make of this.