July 13, 2024

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Masterful Disc One

The Master summons a number of his incarnations to gloat. Missy shows up anyway.

OK, so, what happens when the Master wins?  He’ll summon all his incarnations to celebrate.  Maybe.

Masterful from Big Finish tells the story of what happens when one Master does that but doesn’t invite the clearly insane Missy.

Oh man, this one was a hell of a ride.  The story has six or seven versions of the Master, and they’re all so oily and nasty it ain’t even funny.  Set at a castle at the end of the universe (from the looks of things), different incarnations of the Master all start to show up one by one.  The cast there includes Classic Who era Master Geoffrey Beavers as the Deep Fried Master, Derek Jacobi as the War Master, Eric Roberts as the American Master, Mark Gatiss as (I think) the Master that closed out the end of the Classic Era, and finally John Simm’s Master, the one who messed with David Tennant.  Simms claims he won, having taken over the universe in part by shoving the Thirteenth Doctor into a star, so no Doctor is coming to help.  Let’s call him the Triumphant Master.  He’s been using a Time Scoop to grab his past selves, including one that hasn’t left Galifrey yet.

Sure, he claims he did it to party, but that doesn’t seem right, and one of the Masters sent Kamelion the shapeshifting robot in his place.  The only one missing is the original TV Master, and the attempt to grab him doesn’t quite work and nabs Katy Manning’s Jo Grant instead.

Poor Jo doesn’t realize right away she’s talking to a room full of Masters, and they’re getting ready to kill her when in comes…Missy, posing as a fortune teller who is showing Deadpool-level knowledge of who all the Masters are, right down to what actors are playing them.

Missy wasn’t invited.  Not because she’s a woman.  It’s because she’s insane.

She’s also the only one who figured out why the Triumphant Master really called them:  his universe isn’t under his control, and he needs help fixing it, and who would he trust more than himself as long as the Doctor is dead?

Oh, also he’s dying and wanted to siphon the life out of the others.

You know, most of these incarnations came before him.  How does that work exactly without making himself cease to exist?

Eh, never mind.  All these Masters.  The universe is unstable.  And something is attacking them, and since they all use the Time Scoop at once, they all end up in different points in the universe.

The story from here only covers about half of them, and most of them are on their own.  Jo ended up with Kamelion, who figured the best way to help her was to take the form of the Third Doctor.

Missy met someone who claimed to be the Doctor from another universe, but he turns out to be an alternate universe Master.

The War Master finds himself locked outside of a protective area covered by a forcefield.  He steals a car to get through.

The Reborn Master is an accidental stowaway on an escape ship.  He gets locked in a closet.  People there are kinda mad.

And the Deep Fried Master…found love.  Some gadget made him look normal, and he met a nice hermit woman, and…hey, can the Master be happy?

I don’t know.  Some beastie appears to have eaten Kamelion and is making a move for Jo next.