June 19, 2024

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Doctor Who “Iterations Of I” Disc Two

The Doctor needs to figure out a way off an island where a numerical predator prowls the grounds.

Well, last Doctor Who Big Finish story for the time being.  I still have some other, Doctor-adjacent Big Finish stories and one other source of Doctor Who stories, but that’s it.

And yes, I do have something planned to take over afterwards, but that’s it for now.

As for this story, well, there were a few details I neglected to mention before.  The haunted house is on an island.  The TARDIS was knocked over a cliff.  And there were a few other people there, most notably some folks who want to get back at the demon that’s been killing people there.  One guy lost his girlfriend, only she’s not dead.  She’s a number now.

Yeah, this was the highlight of the story for me as the Doctor and Adric basically explain to Tegan and the guy missing his girlfriend about imaginary numbers.  Mathematicians, as explained by the Doctor and Adric, invented all kinds of things, starting with negative numbers which aren’t really real, and that the computer is basically following an alien intelligence that is essentially an imaginary number.  The girlfriend was turned into one of them after she’d been attacked.

Oh yeah, see, if there’s one species of imaginary numbers, there could be another.  And the other one could be a predator.  That would try killing people, but it’s just physical enough that it’s trapped on an island, attracted by computers, and the Doctor is momentarily upset to remember he’s in the 80s and no one has a mobile phone when the lone computer is destroyed distracting the invisible monster the first time.

Granted, Adric also got shot in the leg at one point, but he shakes it off since he’s not human.

But can the Doctor escape?  Um, yeah.  He’s got a few more incarnations to get through, and Nyssa’s ability to repair machines combined with Adric’s math skills and Tegan’s blind guessing of what happened guide him to get them back to the TARDIS.  There’s a nasty cop in a helicopter, but the predator takes him out.  And when the boyfriend also changes into a number, he and his beloved delay the monster long enough for the Doctor to get everyone back to the TARDIS and away.

Oh, also the whole thing may have been Adric’s fault since he was flying the TARDIS at the time.

You know, I would think Big Finish would have better things to do than blame Adric for everything.