March 26, 2023

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YouTube Selection: Unorthodox Christmas Movies

Kyle Kallgren and CineFix have some unusual Christmas movie recommendations.

It’s Christmas this weekend, and that means Christmas movies.  Sure, you could go with the old stand-bys, but what if you want something a bit more unorthodox?

Kyle Kallgren and CineFix have you covered.

First up, Kallgren decided to recommend what he calls non-canon Christmas movies, movies that are set in and around Christmas but aren’t what most people would normally associate with Christmas.  You know the type.  Kallgren went with none of them.  And he didn’t include Die Hard because, he says, Die Hard is canon now.  Want some weird recommendations?  See his video below.

As for CineFix, they did one of their standard movie lists, but this time it’s a Top Twelve, and it’s for Christmas time horror movies.  Some of those are not as weird as Kallgren’s whole video.  See that one below for details.

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