April 21, 2024

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Killing Eve “I Hope You Like Missionary”

Series Two, Episode Six.

So, here’s a thought:  how much like Villanelle is Eve?

That seems to be VIllanelle’s way of thinking right now.  She and Eve aren’t that different.  You know aside from Eve’s general social awkwardness.  I can somewhat get why Villanelle might think that.  Eve does seem to have a handle on how VIllanelle thinks, and the confrontation with Niko is a lot less shout-y than I thought it would be, mostly going the route of Niko and Eve having what seemed to be very rough make-up sex only for him to move out the next day.

The episode title refers to what Eve says to Niko’s female coworker who takes him in.  He says he’s sleeping on the sofa.  I’m gonna say I doubt it because if Eve can do anything, it’s read people.

Meanwhile, Konstantin is back at Carolyn’s house.

Why?  Beats me.  I don’t much care.

See, the bad guy for Series Two is Aaron Peel.  He’s had a lot of people killed, but his thing is…data!

Dude, the guy sounds like he’s just building up a lot of information on everybody for…reasons.  It does mean that no one can get close to him since apparently the person he even likes is his sister Amber, a perfectly normal-seeming woman in AA.  They’ll just have to find someone Aaron doesn’t know to get close to Amber.

Well, Eve is out.  So are most of her regular co-workers.

What about Villanelle?  Will she take a mission that doesn’t require killing?  For a challenge?

Oh she hates challenges, but she does manage to get into the house by posing as an American drug addict.  Telling Eve’s story doesn’t work.  That was clever and mean.  Telling her own (sort of) does, and for that pushy woman who doesn’t want Amber hanging out with a stranger, well, Villanelle can push too, only she pushes people into traffic.  And even with a faked biography, when Aaron gets in her face to see if she does know what she is supposed to know, Villanelle opts to ignore both Eve and Konstantin’s advice and brain Aaron with a dictionary.  No one died…this time.  But she made a point about bullies.

Can Villanelle find out…whatever it is they need to find out to take a really despicable person down?  Eh, probably.  But someone’s gonna die messy in another episode or two.  And I think this guy has it comin’.