September 28, 2023

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The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power “Partings”

Season One, Episode Five

So, I was under the impression the plot for this series came from The Simarillion.  Then, recently, I learned that was not the case.  No, this series is actually based on, like, two pages from the epilogues to Return of the King or something.

Which, if true…wow.

However, I don’t know what I want to talk about for this episode.  I saw the Stranger save the Harfoots from some wolves with pig faces–seriously, why is the animal CGI on this show so iffy?–in a move that made the Harfoots start to trust the guy…except for Nori, the one who trusted him all along.

Is the Stranger Gandalf?  I hope he’s not Gandalf.  Then again, those weird albino-looking folks are lookin’ around his crater.

But yeah, I like the Harfoots.  They seem like real people.  They sing songs and travel by map.

I also like the Dwarfs, or at least Durin, a guy who realizes he holds the fate of the Elf Civilization in his hands, and takes the whole thing in good humor, twisting the idea around in such a way that says he likes make Elrond squirm.  Considering Elrond looks like some kind of Elf Doogie Houser while Durin looks like he might be able to trip over his beard, well…

Yes, the Elves need mithril, the real reason Elrond was sent there for magical reasons to relight the fires of some sacred Elf fountain or something.  Do I understand it?  Not in the slightest.  But I can pretend!  All I know is Durin is a good friend when push comes to shove.

Not a good friend is Adar.  A bunch of the dumber humans opted to surrender, but he got mad when the one crank who served Sauron assumed Adar was Sauron and got a beating and an ultimatum.  Um, why?  Was it because Adar was insulted that Scuzzy thought he was Sauron?  Or was it because the guy assumed they were equals now?

Eh, it doesn’t matter.  That guy had it coming.

Now, there were other plots, involving Galadriel, that guy with the great beard, Arondir’s revelation about that weird hilt Theo had, and…I didn’t much care about that stuff.  I mean, I remembered Isildur is a future king, and he’s working the stables.  But I don’t much care about those plots.  Maybe Durin can hang out with the Harfoots.  That would work for me.

This show is all over the place, isn’t it?  Makes write-ups difficult.