September 28, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Abominable Snowmen Part 3”

The Second Doctor. "The Abominable Snowmen," Episode Three.

Well, that’s some tight security the monastery set up.  Their top warrior orders that no one can get out, and people still just walk right out.

But the guy running the place might be the real problem.

So, the Doctor is pretty sure that the Yeti is a robot that would work if the missing spherical piece could be found.  He doesn’t necessarily want to turn the robot on.  He just wants to see the missing piece, and since Jamie already brought him one, well, he can take look.  Too bad the thing tends to roll around on its own.

So, what follows is first the head warrior monk orders no one is allowed to leave, but Professor Travers just lies to a guard and leaves anyway.  Tight security they have there.  That prompts the Doctor to go looking for the sphere, and when he can’t find it, he and Jamie head off to see about getting some more, leaving Victoria behind for safe keeping.

If you guessed that it isn’t very safe in the monastery and Victoria will be screaming her fool head off because she’s in danger, congratulations, you recognize an obvious plot element when you see it too.  Victoria learns from a young, generally reasonable monk that there’s a hidden master that only the Abbott can see.  She’d like to see him, but it’s forbidden, and the young monk isn’t the type to break rules for anything along those lines.

But then, behind the scenes, the master of the monastery seems to be highly complimentary of the Doctor, having referred to him as a friend in previous episodes.  But he also says something about how there are plans afoot that will all work to the benefit of the Great Intelligence…

Wait, I know that name.  It’s never good.

So, as Jamie and the Doctor keep an eye on some Yetis, Victoria stays in the monastery where no one notices the metal sphere that makes a squealing noise when it rolls around, at least not until it rolls into that dormant robo-Yeti and fires the thing back up again.

That’ll give Victoria something to scream about.