December 2, 2023

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Killing Eve “Desperate Times”

Series Two, Episode Four.

So, Carolyn has a boss, one whose accent sounded a bit less posh to me though I am hardly an expert on such things and could be very wrong, and seeing she was a little uncomfortable before stepping in makes me think there are things that can make the generally unflappable Carolyn, um, flappable?  Is that a word?

I don’t know, but on with my thoughts on this curious show.

So, let’s set aside that this show is, as always, two different shows smashed together.  Instead, there’s the simple matter of the Ghost, seen here ever so briefly talking her way into her next victim’s home.  The show has still not shown her face, and Eve is mostly focused on finding this woman before she kills more people.  Her targets all seem to be associated with the same corporation, and the current boss there will only speak through a lawyer to say he won’t say anything aside from a general ramble that big businesses like his are superseding the nation-state in a way that really makes me want to see that guy go down.

But if anything, the Ghost is proving far too efficient.  Eve actually figures a few things out based on the Ghost’s methods that use drugs that will hide the true cause of death:  the Ghost is probably a person of color with a medical background and maybe a grudge against the company.  Sure, Niko isn’t happy to find a security guard at his house since Eve didn’t tell him one was coming, but it’s not about Villanelle this time!  Sort of!

No, Villanelle is having her own reaction to the Ghost, a mass killer who is nothing like Villanelle in any way, shape, or form.  The Ghost is an anonymous person who kills while keeping a very low profile and doesn’t seem to want to be caught.  Villanelle is someone who loves attention as seen in this episode’s kill where she was inspired by a trip to an art museum.

You know, Villanelle is in Amsterdam.  I don’t know how much this show did location shooting, but it sure is a great advertisement for European travel.  OK, maybe a good portion of the episode there was set in the red light district, and Villanelle’s performance art kill there sure does look like something that would be mistaken for erotic performance art, but it was really inspired by actual art, one of the few paintings she saw that didn’t depict naked women or grapes.  Not sure what Konstantin thought she would get out of that museum trip, but she at least learned how to skewer an upside down man…though I suspect she didn’t need much help to learn that.

That said, Villanelle learns the hard way what happens when your crush is suddenly into somebody else.  Sure, she does a big public kill, and yeah, Eve pretty much guesses Villanelle did it, but Eve is busy and someone else goes to take a look around.

Villanelle, sweetheart, she may not be that into you.

OK, I know she is that into her, but I thought that line was theoretically funny.

Then again, Villanelle does tend to take rejection out on some unsuspecting clubgoer, and Konstantin’s intervention to save that young woman automatically makes that girl the luckiest character in the entire series so far.

Maybe Villanelle should learn a thing or two from the Ghost…assuming the Ghost lives long enough should the two actually cross paths.  I mean, the Ghost’s mission might be a personal grudge against that Aaron Peel jackass, but after he asserted he was bigger than the law, maybe he mostly deserves whatever is going to happen to him.  Somehow I doubt that a guy like that is completely innocent and with nothing to hide…