February 1, 2023

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The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power “Adar”

Season One, Episode Three.

You know, I am really digging this show, but that is one long title to have to type out all the time.

And I still haven’t seen any rings.  Will there be any rings?

Now, by this point, I am not sure where this show is going.  This episode follows three basic plots lines–Galadriel and Halbrand on the island of Numenor, the other Harfoots discovering Nori’s secret friend, and Arondir’s captivity at the hands of the orcs–but if and how these threads will weave together by the end of the season I dare not guess.  Instead, I want to take a moment to appreciate the little moments that make this episode noteworthy.

I liked the look into the Harfoots’ migratory culture, and how they enforce rules even as Nori keeps quiet to keep her reluctant friend Poppy out of trouble, to say nothing of how she has no idea how much trouble her father was already in thanks to a foot injury that might have caused him to lose sight of the caravan in a culture where they don’t really go looking for the lost.

I liked how Halbrand advised Galariel to play it cool, but her ears were sticking out of her hair, thus revealing how much of an Elf she is.

I liked the way this show is making it clear a lot of folks have problems with the Elves, even if what that is on Numenor is still somewhat unstated.

I liked the way that the series introduced the children of Numenorian ship’s captain Elendil as a young man smiles to see a young woman leading a horse over.  He’s very glad to see the horse, and I thought he was gonna be in trouble with his girlfriend only to learn the woman was his sister.  I must be watching too much House of the Dragon or something.

I liked, and “liked” is probably the wrong word here, the way the orcs brutalized their prisoners.  They really do know how to do some creative torture to make their captives suffer.  Don’t accept a drink from these bozos.

That said..I also like how orcs never seem to get any smarter.  These seem vulnerable to sunlight, so naturally, they are cutting down trees that might provide them some shade.

I like the excessive formality in dialogue even as the characters seem less like real people (outside of the Harfoots).  That makes this whole thing feel more Tolkien-ish.

I really liked the look at Numenor.  Amazon is clearly spending a lot of money on this show.  The buildings were awesome to look at, and the sheer number of extras on the street gave the episode a more cinematic feel.

But then came the warg.

So, the orcs have a lot of prisoners digging tunnels and such because trench warfare will keep them more out of the sun, and naturally Arondir and the other Elves try to escape, with minor assists from the captive humans.  It’s broad daylight, and the orcs can’t fight, so they dispatch a warg to fight for them.  And despite a lot of good CGI so far, that things looked kinda…goofy-looking.

Like, I would expect less impressive CGI on, say, a CW superhero show, but this thing looked like it might have been a claymation refugee from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I was just disappointed in that thing.

So, I have no idea where this is all going, there’s a lot of stuff to like, but that warg sure was something else.

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